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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Under MerLynn's name it says "Banned". Does anyone know if that is true and what happened? I'm interested in getting in contact with him if that is still possible.

i don't know if all his posts were dismissed when he
attacked Aaron. He made a big boo boo calling out Aaron like he was
the board flunky. If you are ready to shovel zhit contact Merlynn the
wizard, he thinks that if you don't believe the JOE CELL won't work.

He's a really educated wizard tho, just living a life in the dark due to
his cultural mystic. He says he has been in contact with the real powerful
forces and his is the only way to go. Sees beings walking thru the house
and so on. Well he says he finally chased them all way but from what
I picked up he still carries a heavy load. He hides behind his screen
name like so many who are cowardly, so they can talk zhit on our prize
members and keep on truckin.

Big big boo boo.
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