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Okay sounds good oh and excuse me if I am not as breathless as
say people in the know cause I ain't. In fact economics was so
boring to me back in the 70's When gold bellied up I went fishing
instead. Back then I was still pedaling a 20" bike to deliver news papers
to keep in tip top physical condition. I can remember the big noise made
over Gold going up AND down. This might have been 70-71 I think it
was. Wasn't it about 385?

Since then we have come a long way. The form of govt we have been
exposed to in out lifetime is call futilism. This means no matter what
you do, yer screwed. This form of govt is being exposed and will gradually
be replaced.

Nothing stated in the 70's came true, just like the 80's, 90's well you
get the idea.

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