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Originally Posted by aljhoa View Post
Gravitational Blue Shift Confirms the New Phenomenon of the
Vertical Aether Flow into any Mass

where *** = w/o spaces j a p

II. Conclusion
This paper shows that the vertical position of Michelson-Morley experiment is not the only possibility
to explain the new phenomenon of the vertical Aether flow into any mass or any fundamental building block.
The paper introduces three proofs for this new phenomenon. The third proof shows, for the first time, that the
Cosmic Blue shift due to a gravitational field is a direct consequence of the vertical Aether flow into any mass.
Recall the CIA UFO image with the clear and distinct blue light trail and this pale blue phenomena has been a noted characteristic for some UFO's for a long time.

The timing here is very interesting. See, the Alexey seems to be creating a pulsed something which is driving it (my thinking) and how it seems to be doing this is similar or identical in some elementary ways to this C R A {P}

"1. Introduction:
Collimated (means focused) jets with high terminal velocities appear to be universal phenomena in astro-physics. They are often associated with young stellar objects, compact galactic objects, and active galactic nuclei [Livio 1997]. These jets are always accompanied by accretion disks on the equatorial plane. The magnetosphere of the accretion disk contains a plasma that follows the accretion of the materials in the disk. The plasma density and pressure get higher as the accretion approaches to the center which drive the magnetic field.The dynamics of this system was first described in magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) model by Blandford and Payne [1982

There's loads of material on this out there now. I just started looking into this and grabbed a couple for examples but have been thinking of this in regards to both the Alexey and in regards to so called particle beam weapons which I suspect are employing nano-particles much like guns use lead. There's a lot more to this because they have been giving hints since the 1990's that these so-called plasma weapons require metal as an enabling part of the design. So if you scan across material the gist of it starts climbing out of the box where a magnetized donut of plasma is accelerated to hypervelocities, and so you need to find a way to make the donut of plasma hard so that it doesn't come apart like a smoke ring. This is kind of interesting too because we have these unexplained smoke rings which have been photographed all over and which have no logical natural explanation.

If you continue to read a bit of the following they begin explaining what they think is phenomena, describing what is already a known demonstrated fact accomplished by Wheeler, but which they evidently unaware of since most all these sponsored research groups must confine themselves to the quantum party line or at least GR.

"We present numerical magneto-hydrodynamic(MHD) simulations of a magnetized accretion disk launching trans-Alfve¥nic jets. These simulations,performedin a 2.5-dimensional time-dependent polytropic resistive MHD framework, model a resistive accretion disk threaded by an initial vertical magnetic fìeld."

It seems we all might have had the right idea to begin with regarding the Alexey, and in that the spinning magnets seem to be creating an accretion disk, and which is adding to the magnets dielectric inertial plane when moving in circular rotational arc. The consequence of which seems to be that this ingested ether is compacted and condensed. This implies there is magnetic magnification being accomplished.
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