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Rick Friedrich R-Charge

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I logged on here for the first time in more than a year to comment about the following - After flipping through youtube I ended up focusing on then analyzing a 3 hour long youtube complaint about Aaron Murakami by some guy named Rick bringing up a ten coil whatever, so I looked it up on here to gain some insight.

My conclusion is to defend Aaron. Who else gets everyone together in Hayden every year, and gets Eric to come. That would be Aaron. Who got me to do a demo at the conference? Aaron did. Who helps Eric get his finances going? From what I can tell it is Aaron. So I don't really care if someone says something negative about Aaron it does not change my opinion of him, because people who want to learn about the elusive technology (which seems pretty basic to me) are being given that impetus and chance by people like Aaron. If this guy I saw on youtube Rick ever wants a real expert to evaluate his claimed circuit design and wish for vindication then I will be happy to provide my objective analysis and professional opinion.

Adam Griffin, 29SEP19
Thanks Adam!

Rick had a private label agreement with John Bedini in the past to put his company name on John's chargers. After a while, John booted Rick for stealing software, tools, electronics parts and straight up ripping off customers who paid money. Rick started to bootleg these chargers that were lower quality and he almost never provided customer service. After John died in Nov 2016, Rick started a slander campaign against John and his brother Gary who died on the same day. That is the type of coward Rick is. Every motor/generator type of device Rick is building is all based on John's technology in one way or another. In all his sociopathic diatribes, he now claims he is the one that basically came up with everything and that John Bedini worked for him. It's beyond ridiculous.
Aaron Murakami

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