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Bad news here and there

I went to my BOL for a few days and, things really melted down. I'll hit the highlights.
A good article explaining an inflationary depression.
Keep in mind that Bernanke confessed that the FED caused Great depression one. He claimed that the FED caused GD 1 because it did not pump in enough money. What do you expect from a jewish central banker? The FED pumped in lots of money but, ONLY into the upper loop. SAME as this time. Pump the money into the banks and wait for the economy to recover.

Bank Crisis Hits India - 'Bank Stops Functioning, People Crying Outside Bank Branches'
Boris Johnson's Plan To 'sabotage' The EU's BudgetIf Brexit Is Delayed
He's going to veto the EU budget.
Brexit - Tusk Accuses Bojo Of 'Stupid Blame Game' As No. 10 Signals Talks About To Collapse
As Hong Kong ATMs Run Out Of Cash, Central Bank Steps In To Prevent 'Pubic Panic'
If they use their smart cards, they can be tracked everywhere.

US Railroads Are Already In Recession With No End In Sight

Global Air Cargo Rates Continue To Plummet Hit Four Year Low

Just an inconsequential; blip.
Stephen Miller Exposes The Deep State As 'A Collection Of Permanent Bureaucrats Enmeshed Inside The Fed Govt'
I already copyrighted the term "blob State"
Paul Craig Roberts is fairly old but, now believes that he will live long enough to witness the complete collapse of western Civilization.

$10 Oil - How Far Could Oil Prices Fall IfWe See A 2009 Style Crash?

Oil Prices Tank On Global Recession Fears

The Fed's Latest Bailouts Are More Proof Of Big, Bad Times Just Ahead

Saudi needs $85 a barrel to meet domestic policies.

US Financial Suicide - The Budget Deficit Rises 26% In 1 Year Under Trump As Federal Spending Spirals Wildly Out Of Control
Regulatory capture insured that no banker would be left behind. The State is fast going broke.
"They" are going to watch EVERYTHING.
Saturday Humor: New Facebook TOS Includes Compulsory Conscription Into Zuckerberg's Army
10/08 DHS’s new database uses scars, tattoos, and your voice to ID you – Organic Prepper

AI is chewing up more white collar jobs.

Misc headlines
10/07 Chinese farmers raise mutant pigs the size of polar bears amid ‘pig ebola’ crisis – ZH
Pigs can get REALLY mean.
10/08 Solar minimum is underway, and it’s a deep one – PSI
Get ready for more and more violent storms and crop loss.
10/05 Cancer cells stopped by compounds derived from hops – KTVZ

10/08 Hong Kong police stage show of force on streets, jeered by residents – Reuters
10/08 Chinese army ready to step in against rioters – HK’s Carrie Lam warns – ZH

In Sweden, women make up 45% of parliament
10/09 Sweden: one in four women are afraid to leave their homes – Summit

Those women effed it up badly.
Sweden will teach immigrants to have sex with Swedish women
Right,,, at the point of a knife.
10/08 Iron curtain, super-hard Brexit rises to the forefront – Mish
Just wait til the Provo company shows up.
10/08 The Democrats are partially right about wealth and corruption – National Review
The Dems specialize in corruption to get wealth.

0/08 How housing wealth transferred from families to corporations – City Lab
Regulatory capture
10/07 J.P. Koning: does anyone use the IMF’s special drawing rights? – GATA NOPE !
10/09 China’s central bank buys 100 tons of gold on trade and dollar tensions – GC
10/09 Tech investors brace for this pivotal $160 billion ‘gut punch’ in December – MW
10/09 The repo market Is more than mere plumbing – Bloomberg
10/09 GE’s gaping pension deficit is just a tiny part of companies’ $269 billion gap – B

"US gross national debt jumped by $110 billion in the last two business days of fiscal 2019, and increased $1.2 trillion for the whole year. “This ballooned the US gross national debt to a vertigo-inducing $22.72 trillion,” the article states. "
"Adding all these items together, actual defense spending is more like $1.2 trillion - around the same amount of new debt that was heaped onto the national debt this year. "
"According to a World Bank study, countries whose debt-to-GDP ratios are above 77% for long periods (remember the US’s is at 106.5%) experience significant slowdowns in economic growth. Every percentage point above 77% knocks 1.7% off GDP, according to the study,"
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