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Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
I slept under a pyramid for a few months,
it sure messed with me.
had entities that tried to drag me out of my body, took everything I had to stay here. and that is when I quit using it.

lately I have been trying to figure out how to generate this effect of a pyramid, but more intense, and also in a way were I can reverse it or shut it off at will.

there is clearly much to be learned on the topic,
but I suspect that most people are not up for the required testing.

I don’t have a lot of practical experience with Pyramids except many years ago I constructed a Phi based pyramid out of soldered copper pipe, beginning with a 2 meter square base, with fitted perfectly over a strawberry patch it was designed for.

So over a three year period of this its installation I noted some observations with the strawberry plants…

I found that the strawberry plants (compared other patches) grew much taller, denser & faster. On the northern facing side of the pyramid (in particular) some were plants were over 45 cm tall. The plants produced many more flowers and more fruit. The southern facing side of the pyramid the plants were all shorter, but leaves were broader. The watering system provided the same quantity of water within pyramid, but the southern side tended to dry up quicker compared to the northern side. The grass around the pyramids northern side also grew longer and greener.

The fruit from the north side was often smaller but very sweet. Some of the fruit from the southern side were often larger but somewhat deformed or distorted in their shape and not as sweet...

Many bees were also observed, seemingly way more than the other patches.
Our pet animals, would all seem to hang out around the pyramid too.. Just lying next to it for hours… So it stood for three years (erm, until the pet cow Mina got into the backyard and broke the pyramid in her attempt to eat the strawberry plants) - These observations over three years were pretty consistent...

So to me the pyramid shape seems to polarise the aether or the magnetic field, around it and within it in some manner, producing these effects. It’s not completely uniform though, it polarises the field within and around it to produce areas or sides with differing effects…
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