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Pyramid Energies

There are Pyramids all over the planet.
If they exhibit unusual stone work they were NOT built by Humans nor as tombs. Perfectly fitting Stones were built by The Builders. A race of Heavenly Sky Dwellers who hire out their Masonry Skills all over this Universe. They were last building in Central America up til 1000 years ago. They quit building for humans at this time and laid down their Builders Tools, a crystal studded Wand, about 18 inches long and 5 inches in Diameter, BECAUSE Humans were too demanding and war like for any more peaceful construction. As with ALL Crystal Wands, it was hand made by its owner.
Science goes to great length to lie about what Pyramids really are but
This is the Race of Cone Heads that is also known as the Builders. Their last ever build on the planet was on the tip of Baja Peninsula. They been here for 100's of Millennia.
Pyramids exhibit "energy" due to the harmonics or tuning fork resonance via the angular shape being equal to a Sphere in volume and surface area. If it doesnt have the classical Giza shape of the Largest there, its is simply a de-tuned model for "other" sympathetic Vibrations. Only fools believe the institutionalized experts.
Remember Tesla said its all energy, frequency and vibration.

Back in 1986 when I had more money than sense, I hired surveyors to peg out according to true North, a 50 foot square base and drilled 49 holes for a Pole Construction 3 floors pyramid house. Completed in '88 at a cost in todays dollars of more than a Million. I have lived in it ever since. There aint much anyone call tell me that I dont know or havent experienced about pyramids.

One nite in about 1990, I was visited around 2 am by two Beings dressed in all black. After they scanned my body they simply vanished. The wife awoke and screamed at their presence. Another time in 1996 another man in black visited and this time he stayed around for a while. Teaching me all kinds of things like how to turn water into oil and coal and make cold fusion batteries to make Pond and Fishyman jealous. On the second visit, I asked for some kind of proof of reincarnation... wherein he sat down and shapeshifted into a hundred or so different "life-forms". Supposedly of past lifetimes. There were Insectoids, reptiles, greys, women, many hunchbacks, quite a few greek warrior types etc. His knowledge of History and he was in his youth, was more extensive and in fact it was complete. He had been on the planet for some 30 odd Millennia. Now I was a student of mythology and Alt Science so many a lively conversation was had, and initially, it was me questioning him on historical accounts that theoretically a high school drop out would NOT know in Australia. I was born in Sth Dakota and had much history from there.
Later a 'friend' of his visited too, and I called him Horus and he used to work for British Military Intelligence as his skills got him the position fresh out of High School. His first posting was in Egypt where he sat in an office with Zahi Hawass who became the Director of Antiquities later in life. He said he was bored one day and so decided to give Hawass a map of Giza, with all the entrances and a list of what can be found underground. He used to show up in the middle of the night and rattle the brass bed when nothing could be seen in the room. Did the bed move for you Honey was real, not a joke. Horus was a grumpy old man who was tired of piss-ant humans and wanted a new posting on some other planet. Or open doors with a room full of people and there was no one at the door. Horus could astral travel and move objects and had access to the Akashic records and he too, knew all the history of the planet.

There isnít much about subtle energies I havenít experienced. They make movies about such phenomena that I live with. But its true. In the spirit world, Like attracts Like so it was a huge lota fun. The poles were NZ pine trees. One came with a Mauri spirit and he was mad his tree ended up in Australia. One day a lady drove past the house, which is located in the Outback, but on a road to a larger city, so had interstate travellers on it. She saw the house and just had to stop in. I gave her a guided tour and when we reached the bedrooms on the middle floor, she said the Mauri guy sure is unhappy. I hadnít told her yet of the happenings in the house. We asked him to leave and it took a couple years but he did finally leave. There were many experiences like this. We were Ďvisitedí in June 2001 and told to mark the calendar for sept 11 as ďan event would happen that will change our lives foreverĒ. Sometimes when a friend would die, doors and drawers would open and close at the time of death.
The thing isÖ. I learned a lot about Energy from this house one way or another. If one wants to know how to turn water into oil and coal like the earth does to underground water, build a pyramid house and ask and by golly you shall receive. Live by the 10 guidelines and you will not want for anything.
Bottom lineÖ. If anyone uses Electrons to describe energy, they are full of ****e. Its a water based Universe where Everything is a Magnetic Resonant Field Pattern of Water. The universe is made from just ONE basic building block or Ďlegoí piece. Itís a Structure of Light. Itís a bar magnet with 4 poles (sorta) and the geometric patterns they make give the illusion of Ďelementsí.
The only Theory that fits what I learned is Walter Russellís Octaves of Wave Forms at

Reading this forum is nauseating and sometimes down right infuriating that humans who dream up theories can be so dumb. Iíve seen it all. Many different versions of Over unity. Many different versions of Radiant Energy. Many transmutations. One Wire energy production. Levitation and mind reading. You name it. Today I have left all those Men In Black behind me and study under Joe of JoeCell fame as his invention and there are 100ís of them, prove Russellian science and mock marble brain theorists of particle science.

Its not so much that humans are so easily programmed from birth to believe in the most gawd awful Lies ad theories, but its impossible to present the truth without being scorned. Science is like a religion. Teach them Allah is supreme and they not only die believing it but will KILL to make you believe it. Same for electrons and elements and that MOST pathetic of ALL Beliefs that Water is HHO.
Thatís the short version.
If you want to read good stuff, ask me good questions.
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