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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Looks good.

Once I get my big machine back together, I will show the motor running..

If I had the shielding in place it would do much better,

and I also know you can get it dead on if you spend enough time.

Yes it is amazing how much difference it makes having the adjustable
shielding so a better balance can be achieved. Getting the travel distance
matched exactly for the going and coming of the poles at TDC for
both attraction and repulsion will take some doing.

If one set of poles is not bad enough when 12 sets are in place will be
harder especially when magnetic fields vary so much from magnet to

It may be possible to shield in other ways redirecting the fields to suit.
For instance having shields on the rotor magnets is a test I want to make.
From there other shielding experiments could follow.
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