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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
A different core material, like ferrite, may
ALSO solve the heating problem. Havenít had TIME to test it yet.

I noticed that your current setup mechanically requires that your coils
be closed in from all sides. This means no air vents on either side while
plastic can be a pretty good insulator. So heat builds up normally and
has nowhere to go. I will assume you removed a couple of panels and
tried to blow heat off and it didn't work.

Your idea to use water cooling is compact allowing you to keep the present
format or layout for your generator head. With water cooling you can
drill one small hole to introduce a pipe so in this way no changes to your
setup are needed.

The make your system into an OPEN CAGE

Making your system into an open cage style generator might use air to
be pumped in and out of the box. A fan installed right on the drive shaft
wilth paddle blades 1/2" wide should be plenty to move some air without
much loss. Composite materials that are non magnetic can be used to
heatsink to the 1" extension of core material.

You can try them both and not change much which is good.

Normally if one of my motors gets a broke cage air paddle the motor
will begin to heat up within minutes or even seconds it will build up enough
to hurt my fingers when it is touched. The amount of air pumped seems
so small you wouldn't think that small paddle was doing much of anything.

You can barely feel the air moving yet it consistently removes tiny amounts
of heat which is keeping it warm only to the touch.

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