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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
..........It is only recently that I figured out a solution, which I have tried with ONE coil and my coil tester and it seems to work.
Extend the core out the back of the coil and into a piece of pvc filled with water. The water is heated and so is the pvc, but it dissipates the heat into the air enough to keep the core for overheating and melting the wire.

I have since wound eight more coils to put into the 10 coil machine, and as soon as I have time to wind a couple more coils, I will have enough to put the 10 coil machine back together. It may or may not put out 2000 watts, but will be enough to prove the machine works putting it back together will be a process. But Iíll get there eventually.

That's so awesome Dave. Glad so glad to hear you are moving along
really fast. You don't let any moss grow under your feet. You have got
me thinking about cooling again so when the time comes I won't burn
any coils. That's a lot of payola.

I would be interested to hear what you were going to say if only bi
would have answered the questions in chronological order. Maybe we
could all have learned something one more time. I guess bi doesn't
want to learn about how science connects to the process.
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