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sorry bi, but it works exactly as I stated. Iíve had different versions of the generator up and running many, many, MANY times over the years. Each version I built was an improvement over the prior version in both mechanical operation and electrical output. Each version, and there have been several, as I have documented in pictures and video on the forum, cost well over $1,000.00. Iím quite happy with the performance Iíve seen.

And no, it is not packed away. My big generator with 12 coils and 12 magnets on the rotor is down in Santa Clara at my machinists place. Thatís a 7 hour minimum round trip.

I have two other versions here. Both are in pieces. One has places for 12 coils and a rotor with six magnets. That machine I only use for testing a couple coils at a time since it was built before I figured out magnetic neutralization and canít run with all the coils in place. The other has places for 10 coils and has a rotor with 12 magnets. Unfortunately all the coils for both machines are SLAG, as overheating has been a problem from day one and the insulation melts off the coils destroying their output performance, as will as their ability to run ďneutral.Ē It overheated the last time I ran the 10 coil machine so I cannibalizes coils from the 12 coil machine and it happened AGAIN. Thatís several hundred dollars down the toilet in wire each time it happens. It is only recently that I figured out a solution, which I have tried with ONE coil and my coil tester and it seems to work. Extend the core out the back of the coil and into a piece of pvc filled with water. The water is heated and so is the pvc, but it dissipates the heat into the air enough to keep the core for overheating and melting the wire.

I have since wound eight more coils to put into the 10 coil machine, and as soon as I have time to wind a couple more coils, I will have enough to put the 10 coil machine back together. It may or may not put out 2000 watts, but will be enough to prove the machine works and those with a brain will understand that the 12 coil machine puts out MORE. Somehow the base plate for the whole machine went missing in the move and I had to get a new one, so putting it back together will be a process. But Iíll get there eventually.
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