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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Hi Turion,

Drag is a term seldom used in the field of electric machinery. Even when prefixed as magnetic drag, it can be vague. Isn't what you describe as drag what I refer to as torque opposing rotation in a generator?


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Here is the bi answer

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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Excuse me, which of the four forces is Lorentz Force? Repeating what you previously posted does not answer the question. That explanation did not include any of the FOUR specific forces which are part of our current physics model and you know it. There are only FOUR forces. Which one is it? What’s wrong bi, are you afraid to say the words? Come on, you can do it. We all know that as soon as you DO you will have proven me right which is why you are going to such incredible lengths to avoid it when you obviously know the answer. You’re doing everything you can to keep from saying the words, but we’re all still waiting.
Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Lorentz force, as it is commonly called, is that force between an electric charge and a magnetic field as described by Lorentz's force law. ...
What part of electric and magnetic do you not understand?

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