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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
You can build the machine I described above with 12 coils on it and ATTEMPT to get 2000 watts out of it. You WILL, but only for a minute or two until your motor BURNS up. I should know. I built it and I burnt up SEVERAL motors. My coils were neutral, meaning they caused the motor to neither speed up nor slow down. With only a couple coils on the machine it output as expected and input does not seem affected. But with 12 coils on the machine there is a drag that causes thr motor to draw high amps. I TRIED to explain this to bistander, that there was magnetic drag because of the attraction of the magnets to the iron cores of the coils. And that I had used magnets to offset or neutralize this attraction. His response was to babble on about how there is no clogging at speed so my magnetic neutralization was an unnecessary waste. What he HASNíT gotten through his head is that clogging has NOTHING to do with what I am talking about. Magnetic drag is REAL, and you have to compensate for it or pay the price in high amp draw and burnt up motors.

And the FINAL step is to learn to run the motor on the 3 battery system where you can recover at LEAST 70% of the input energy and recycle it. Or donít I have shared as much as we are willing to share. We are now working behind the scenes with folks like NROC who, because of his Physics background, can look at some things most Electrical Engineers simply dismiss and say ďmaybeĒ there is something to that. I know has built some things that work based on what we have told him. We shared it all here. People just donít listen. They arenít willing to spend the time to build something and learn for themselves. We spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars on this stuff. Nobody handed us anything. We owe nobody anything. Build it or donít. Learn, or keep feeling your way in the dark. Itís all up to you. We left a path to follow. What you do is your choice.
Hi Turion,

Drag is a term seldom used in the field of electric machinery. Even when prefixed as magnetic drag, it can be vague. Isn't what you describe as drag what I refer to as torque opposing rotation in a generator?


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