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Originally Posted by Quantum_well View Post
Turion and BroMikey, I just love the way you pour scorn on the books.
Just read up Faraday, Joseph Henry and most of all Maxwell.
Tesla was a tinkerer, I don't think he understood Einstein's work at all.
Books are for a controlled environment, here are the answers, say that
and you pass. This book reading bit is for beginners who can't find their
heads with both hands. Books carved in braille over laid with gold only
impress me if they make sense.

A. Einstein was a puppet/front man for the Masonic brotherhood whether
he liked it or not saying what he was told to say. The govt controlled
curriculum for the past 50 plus yrs was developed by secret societies
who are devote Satanists and don't hide it.

This is why everything you know is a lie.
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