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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Just for fun, here is a PHYSICS interpretation of what happens with a generator. Shall we accept the PHYSICS TEXTBOOK VERSION or shall we listen to bystander. You notice NO MENTION is made or Lorentz Force. Wonder WHY????
Why does an electric generator slow down when you begin to use the power it is generating?
An ordinary electric generator produces electric power by spinning a strong magnet inside a set of wire coils. As the magnet spins, its magnetic field sweeps across the coils and gives rise to electric fields in those coils. This effect, in which changing or moving magnetic fields produce electric fields, is a fundamental piece of electromagnetic theory, and allows the spinning magnet to push on electric charges that exist within the wire coils.

But if the generator's power isn't being used, its coils carry no electric current. The fields from the spinning magnet are pushing charges around, but those charges have nowhere to go. It isn't until you begin using the generated power that current can flow through the coils. When that happens, something new appears: magnetic fields around the coils themselves. As current flows through the coils, the coils become electromagnets.
In accordance with a property known as Lenz's law, each coil's magnetism pushes against the spinning magnet's motion, first to slow the magnet's approach and then to delay its departure. By fighting the spinning magnet's rotation, the coils are making it do work on them and extracting energy from its spinning motion. To keep the magnet spinning, something must continuously restore this rotational energy and that something is usually an engine.

There you have it. Now pay attention children. According to Tesla, increasing the capacitance of the coil inhibits the self induction, which inhibits the generation of electricity in the coil, which delays the point at which it turns into an electromagnet, which means the approaching magnet is NOT repelled as it approaches and the coil turns into a repelling electromagnet when the rotor magnet has reached top dead center, pushing it away in the direction of rotation.

It’s ALL Physics and it’s all exactly according to the ”LAWS”

And it means I can run a motor on 300 watts and rotate magnets past as MANY COILS as I can fit around it and produce 2000 watts or MORE.
This is spot on. The fact is that the Lenz force does not appear instantaneously, it takes time for the currents to form in the materials, and therefore if your talented enough you can build a motor that has only frictional losses. NO LOSS DUE TO LENZ. Whether you do it by setting your impedance of the coil to avoid it like dave has, or whether you make your rotating element non circular like jim murray did in his dynaflux machine (which was patented by the way and authorised by the patent office as doing what it said it would do) is up to you. THESE DEVICES EXIST. Although they have received little attention by the main engineering body, which is an absolute afront to science in my opinion, they work.

With these motors it doesnt cost you anywhere near as much to turn you motor or generator as a conventional motor or generator. If you take it a step further like dave has then you can keep adding more coils to get more power out, you couple that with a 3bgs and your laughing. There really is no refuting these lenz free motors because they have to be demonstrated to a patent officer before approval. In the dynaflux machine even the non linear dynamics are shown in the patent just for engineers to see how it works because otherwise ot wouldnt have been accepted.

This is why i find bistanders opinion so dumb. 1) because he just quotes wikipedia and 2) because published info is already available.

I guess quantum well is the new bistander lol.

Anyway i wont waste anymore time driving traffic to biproducts thread. Dave only responds to you because he feels like it. We are doing the work behind the scenes to take these things much further than has been done already. I hope in the future people will thank Matt and Dave for how much they gave freely to people.
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