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This too is what I have observed in the HIGH-MIND, It's not that the
person actual is gifted with a higher mind than say the next person, it's
just that they think they have something that they don't.

Whenever the high-mind kicks in it will not submit. It will not be open
to any demand and it will never make peace. All you see at this point
is "stubbornness and rebellion" which according to the ancient text is
just the same as "Witchcraft"

This is the programming we see in the so called HIGHER learning outlets
controlled by socialistic govt run schools. Dave is trying to instruct bi and
bi has an open thread for discussion but won't submit to any line of
reasoning outside his sphere.

Even the smallest of children playing together submit to one another.

This is not how the HIGH MIND works, it is unreasonable.

yet we see bi calling out to Turion daily, why? HI TURION bi calls
out. HI TURION, day after day. For what purpose? Why will he call out
to Dave when he has no intention of listening to anything reasonable
Dave has to offer. Simple, bi is trying to justify his viewpoint and
nothing else matters.

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