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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
You still havenít posted an answer to the question. Still waiting. So this is the 14th refusal to answer? Which force, acknowledged and accepted by physics is your Lorentz Force? One word is still all you have to post.
See post #228. I have no need to repeat it.

Remember this?
Originally Posted by Turion View Post
There we go. I knew eventually Iíd get you to do some math! LOL
You have issues. When you can't hold your own with subject or topic, you resort to something like that. Trickery. In that case you failed miserably at 5th grade percentage math. So you humiliate me and demonstrate some fake intellectual superiority with manipulation to satisfy your own ego and impress your lackies.

Enough already. Too much really. You are incapable of an intelligent discussion on the topic. Everytime you end it with something childish like this.

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