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Saving your edit

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
I have such a machine bi. And I brought it HERE and gave it away. But rather than build it and see the benefits you choose to spend all your time trying to discredit my work.

So this is the 11th refusal to answer?
Which force, acknowledged and accepted by physics is your Lorentz Force? One word is all you have to post.
Bye, bye, bi.

And YES, I am sure NROC can answer the question, but so can you. You just refuse to, and we both know why.

I have spoken to NROC by Skype and communicated with him many times. He understands exactly where Matt and I are coming from and where we are going. I know he has seen things that Electrical Engineers generally dismiss as nonsense, but he, because of his Physics background, was willing to look just a bit closer. and I know that his work in that direction has opened his eyes to some things YOU will never see because you are stuck in a box. But it's YOUR box, so have fun with it.

And Iíll give you some data you might be interested in. When you run a stock motor on the 3 battery system there is better than a one amp loss across the motor. With Mattís motor there isnít. Which is WHY we said to use the modified motor in testing. Something you DID NOT do.
Originally Posted by Turion View Post
You just refuse to, and we both know why.
I really don't know what you're talking about. I don't know why you don't accept the answers I've given. I don't know, anymore, what answer you want, or think is correct. You've confused this whole thing out of all reasonable proportion. You can't, or won't, tell what answer you want. So do tell, why do you think I refuse to answer, again. And why that makes any difference in your ability to show where Tesla addresses force in his patent, as you claimed, which started this nonsense. Obviously your perceived basis for your theories of generator performance is falling apart so you resort to the lower levels of the triangle from vidbid.
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