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Tell me

Originally Posted by NROC View Post
I love how you wont tell me bi, i forgot how enigmatic you were. I do indeed believe his claim based on what ive seen from my own research and others. Those circuits and theories are not to be disclosed on here. Conventional circuits dump current to ground and as a result charge cannot be recovered. When you run between potentials the story changes significantly because now you can recover charge and store it again to do useful work.

The simulators etc i would normally use to model a circuit or the electromagnetic fields of the devices like in LTSPICE or CADFEKO do not work for these systems because the partial differential equations that are used to model them take current to ground. Or try to integrate maxwells equations over a small area looking at currents to ground. (I hope you understand that, if you can tell me which EM modelling technique that is then i will respect your opinion) The math for consumed energy and restored energy is not trivial in these systems and often non-linear circuit phenomenon like transients etc. ALL THAT SAID, these circuits can be built and there are dozens of examples of them dotted around the FE community, the only problem is trolls like yourself or big name people posing as experts and not knowing enough that they just tell everyone its magic to sell stuff.

Dave and Matt are about the only two credible people on this forum. Enough said.
So 2000 watts output having 300 watts input is 1700 watts of free, fuel-less, nonpoluting power. Why isn't our world running on such machines?

What kind of person has the key to improve the human condition and basically save our planet but chooses not to use it to relieve suffering, death and destruction?

And Turion's so upset because he can't force me to type a word, again.

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