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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
If it is a tactic, why do you refuse to commit to it except through pointing to it? You wonít say it because it pins you down. Thatís YOUR tactic not mine. You slip and slide around and dart out of the shadows to call other people liars and frauds, but youíre the fraud here. Afraid to commit yourself because you know it forces the discussion in a direction where you know you will lose. Just a one word answer bi. What is the Force? It isnít Lorentz Force so please quit using that term. It shows your limited understanding of physics. A one word answer. Youíve avoided it through a dozen posts now. How long will it go on? But thatís your purpose isnít it. To delay as long as possible so we are as far from the original issue as possible.

I've answered your question. I'm not delaying anything. I am talking about the Lorentz force. I've explained what that means and there are volumes of reference and numerous demonstrations and experiments to support me. I have typed the magic word (I think) (at the top of post #228) which you attempt to make me repeat for some unknown reason. Having been the recipient of your trickery and humiliation on so many occasions I hesitate to fall prey this time. Proceed with your argument as to why Lorentz force does not apply to your generator or to where Tesla states in his patent that the novel coil will dispense the force opposing motion in a loaded generator. Or better yet, demonstrate it as you've said you would do.


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