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Pushing the MMT meem,,,lotsa speedbumps,,, setting up Trump

The Yellow Vests in France are demanding an end to CB created debt money when the State can just print it debt free. Here is a vid of a 12 y.o. Canadian girl who lays out the problem VERY clearly about how Canada has been poor ever since it got a central bank.
Super Mario Draghi has come out in favor of MMT and, QE for the people. Most people just do not realize how heretical this is for a Central Banker.

"Putting money directly into consumer's hands is a people QE, and ignoring government deficits on the theory they don't matter is one of the tenants of MMT.

“These are objectively pretty new ideas,” Draghi said. “They have not been discussed by the Governing Council. We should look at them, but they have not been tested.”

Not Been Tested?!

That's not exactly true. Japan wasted trillions of dollars building bridges to nowhere and it solved nothing. The best one can say is Japan has not imploded yet.

Of course the MMTers will respond Japan did not do enough MMT, as if building more bridges to nowhere would actually solve problems."

ignoring government deficits
There IS NO DEFICIT with debt-free money
Japan wasted trillions of dollars building bridges to nowhere

Absolutely correct. Japan was pouring more concrete than the rest of the world combined. THAT is a waste of resources. Paying people directly so that they can survive does not waste resources like bridges to nowhere. Japan has a high poverty rate for women and children. Japanese politicians cry in their Sake about the terrible Japanese birth rate.

Zero Hedge again.

Credit Suisse 'Spy' Found Dead As 'Espionage Scandal' Stuns Swiss Banking Establishment
There will be many more.
Americans Reject Universal Basic Income While Canada & UK Embrace It
"Not entirely surprising but younger residents in each country are more supportive of UBI than older residents are, with at least 8-in-10 young adults (aged 18 to 29) in the U.K. and Canada - and nearly 6-in-10 in the U.S. - supporting the idea."
Just wait til the older residents lose their pension
Here Are The Billions Of Loans Exposed To A Potential WeWork Bankruptcy
Another financial speedbump.

Iraqi PM For First Time Confirms Israel Responsible For Multiple Strikes On Iraq
On Friday evening, the government here in Puerto Rico made an announcement to local retirees that many of them would have their pensions cut... Poof. Just like that.
Bolton Slams Trump's "Bromance" North Korea Policy In First Public Remarks Since Ouster
“This is a government that has essentially violated every international agreement it has ever made,” he said of Pyongyang.

South Korean Consumer Prices Just Did Something They've Never Done Before
...they dropped.

The head of the CB in S. Korea recently said, "We can't print babies"
Kyle Bass: Hong Kong Protests Are Chinese Regime's "Worst Nightmare" In US Trade War
Why is the Chinese economy so dependent on US dollars?

A hard rains a gonna fall.

Ron Paul Asks: "Impeachment... Or CIA Coup?" every turn we see the fingerprints of the CIA and its allies in the US deep state...

Trump was warned in the beginning NOT to mess with the intelligence agencies. He was told that they have dozens of way to get back at him.

Trump Allies Worried He Doesn't Understand The
Gravity Of The Impeachment Inquiry

'We will move as expeditiously as possible' - Schiff
On Trump Impeachment Inquiry - Subpoenas Fly - Vid

Hillary - Trump 'Knows He Is An Illegitimate President' - Vid
Pelosi - Trump Impeachment Is Worth Losing
Control Of The House In 2020

A impeachment is a hearing. The defense gets to question whoever they want. You just know that all the dirty laundry is going to get aired out.
Why would the Dems be so stupid?

C. H. Smith may have the answer.
"The reason why Karma runs over Dogma is that nobody clinging to a dogma sees themselves as dogmatic. The true believer never sees their conviction as dogma, but as Revealed Truth, as self-evident, a view that is buttressed by all the other True Believers who surround the believer, reinforcing their conviction"
As the increasingly detached-from-reality leadership senses their power waning, they double-down, exhorting the faithful to support the orthodoxy even as the orthodoxy reaches new heights of fanaticism.

Military dogmas get discredited on the field of battle, often in dramatic fashion
To an alarming degree, the U.S. is dominated by dogmas that benefit the few at the expense of the many, and by leaders who are doubling or tripling down to defend the dogma and their power. As already noted, dogmas support extractive systems that enrich the few by bamboozling the many.
The leaders, safely protected from the consequences of their elitist dominance and fearing the loss of their wealth, power and prestige, ramp up the time-honored strategy of increasing demands for loyalty and public virtue-signaling, jacking up media propaganda in support of the orthodoxy, and moving to ban, shadow-ban, suppress, punish, discredit, demoralize, de-platform, demonetize and marginalize critics, i.e. heretics who challenge the status quo's foundational dogmas.

The consequences and costs inexorably pile up, and neither Inquisitions to silence heretics nor virtue-signaling one's loyalty will stop the trajectory over the cliff.

9/30 There goes the second tech bubble: 2019 worst year for IPOs in history – ZH
Chris Hedges writes a scathing article about Trump. In the end, he blames the rise of Trump and people like him on; the corporations and MSM. You end up once again at regulatory capture and, a lack of morality.

9/30 Repo rate soars as Fed accepts $63.5 billion in collateral on last day of Q3 – ZH
Pass the trash to the FED.
9/30 Ron Paul: US interest rates are going negative – CNBC
Umm, what about a few hundred $billion of interest rate derivatives? Somebody always has the other side of a derivative.

The 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China 1 October 2019
9/30 Hong Kong police expect ‘violent attack’ on sensitive Chinese anniversary – Reuters
What will the Chinese do to save face?

TAE shows that the rules were changed just prior to charging trump with Impeachment. The whole thing looks like a CIA / Dem setup.
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