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still falling liquidity,,,, UBI creeping into the system

During the Weimar hyperinflation, many Germans gave up. They spent their life savings and bought one last, great meal. Then, they went home, turned on the gas,,, and went to sleep. This is till heavily ingrained in the German psyche. THAT is why they are so afraid of hyperinflation. Armstrong argues that hyperinflation is brought on by loss of confidence, NOT by excess fiat money creation.
PRIVATE BLOG Liquidity Crisis & Dollar Hoarding Traces to Germany
There more $100 bills in circulation than $1 bills. Most of them are held outside America. Gresham's Law states that the best currency will go into hiding. The U.S. Treasury prints the $100 bill for 3 cents. In return, they receive a pile of Euros. The Euro continues to fall on the FX markets. Draghi has restarted QE which makes the Euro less attractive. Powell is pumping money into the repo market. It was slated to be short term but, it is a very convenient way to do QE without appearing to do QE.

Kunstler is getting even more descriptive.
"Honest government" talks about the dole in OZ.
Crony capitalism;
Poll - 70% Of Americans 'Angry' At Political System For Only Serving Insiders With Money And Power
The other 30% are on the dole.
9/29 Voter support for universal basic income grows The Hill
All the money was sucked out of the lower loop. There is no practical way to move it back out of the upper loop. Instead, they will recapitalize the lower loop. BUT, not without a fight. Millions of pensioners will be collateral damage in this fight.
9/28 Adam Schiff epitomizes the total collapse of Democratic party integrity PCR
They have aligned themselves with a rogue, criminal State that admits to being run by organized crime.

Apparently, the cashless welfare card being rolled out in OZ is an attempt to find the best way to rollout UBI.
How long will it take to discover that it can't work with debt money?
How badly will it demotivate needed workers? Stay tuned
9/29 Fibonacci predictive modeling suggests price volatility will continue Technical Traders
Can't have that. Money renters will demand higher interest to compensate.
9/29 Consumer stress: defaults rise to highest level of 2019 Zero Hedge
Wait til the pension funds go belly-up.
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