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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
I still have not heard any science. Where. All I here is that stupid
"Think outside the box" quote with nothing to follow. This all by itself
is a condescending behavior form of speech. Basically calling people
out saying that they should think outside the box is not science.
Show some? Is that to much to ask?

This is my response to Joe.

Thx Sputins

PS A someday book? Interesting - yawn, science plz

Well Mike.... at using the password wizzzard777

You can watch water being excited with DC electricity and then it BURNS.

Is that showing some?

I have watched Joe do 'burning water' about a dozen times and video's it only once. Some times it was done with a near flat car battery.

There is NO WAY you can explain this with conventional science....
YOU MUST think outside the box....

So do it .... Tell me how the MIND Programs the DC from the hands to change the Memory of the water to release FIRE.

Give it your best shot.

HINT think Emoto changing the water crystal. Oh and another hint water is NOT HHO..... but we will get to that soon enough and with EXPERIMENTSso you can do to prove it to yourself toooooo

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