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To understand "splitting the Positive" one needs to know just what Positive and Negative is...

Most will say Positive comes from the Positive of the Battery Terminal and similarly the Negative from the Negative Terminal.

But even at the Electric Universe Forum, they know NOT what electricity is...
And it AINT electrons.

Many have had to make the Trek to Down Under Oz Outback to watch fresh runny concrete pumped through a Ferrite Ring Magnet and exit as pure fresh water... Transmutation (Electro-magnetically restructuring) at it Finest. It is also done with a NEGATIVE NORTH Pole Center Field of an electric 12V DC car battery powering a Joecell too. Same cell as in the water into oil, only the electrodes are reversed.
see..... use the password wizzzard777

So anything that can be done with the Electric Cell can be done with the In-Line Magnetic Cell too.

Positive is SOUTH POLE Energy. Negative is North Pole Energy.

So how does one split it? Electricity is a Wave Form. It has FOUR Phases.

Imagine the Sine Wave with a high and a low dip in the wave. At the half way points where the SPLIT Phase exists as in there are 4 POLES to EVERY Magnet and each of the 4 phases or the two splits plus the 2 poles will give a different result in an Electric Cell.

A Car Battery is a CELL. Try this experiment to understand the USAGE of the Split Phases. Leave the Lights on in the car. Flatten the Battery. Try starting the car to make sure the battery is flat.
THEN take the lead off the battery (Not the Ground lead) and place a COIL between the battery terminal and the lead making a circuit. Start your car on the OTHER HALF of the Battery. Until you do this one just hasnt a clue of the 4 phases of MAGNETIC CURRENT. or Neg Neg Neg Pos Pos Neg Pos Pos

Now I know you will have trouble with this Mike, but with some appropriate questions its not hard to learn...

One might find it easy to understand this 4 Phases of Electricity by studying Light. Tesla said "Everything is the Light" that means no electrons or protons or even elements.... just Light... Now Keshe whom I dislike immensely only because he does CULT his science and makes it diffiCULT to understand but his book The Structure of Light does state there are OTHER Poles around the Structure of Light Bar magnet. This is a good place to start to understand what splitting of the Fields or Poles or what we term Positive and Negative.
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