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Thats a nice looking boat anchor you have there.

over unity isnt the problem Mike... It's making it RADIANT ENERGY (Cold Fusion) is where the fun begins. Its UN-Meterable, UN-Oscilloscopable,
UN-Multi-meterable and its UN-Limited.
So get down off your high horse... you are no longer the expert here.

These are the Practical inventions of Walter Russell Science with WHOM I am working with on a confidentiality arrangement and have been for 2 years. it took a man of GOD named Joe to RE-INVENT it again.

The Tesla designed Fisher and Paykel is a motor AND a generator in one... BUT only for those with eyes to see and a grand to spare because otherwise you will never figure it out. Not with an electron model anyway.

Ive described how its done on evgray forum and they didnt believe me either so its a different tact this time. Either go there and read my posts and find out who I am in the real world or promote outdated inventions like you do so well here.
Can we dispense with the personal attacks now and begin LESSONS ??
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