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Something I find fascinating is Tesla's love for numbers.

Vacuum Pump patent (GB 179,043) Atmospheric air bearings number 9

Tesla Pump / Compressor patent (US 1,061,142) Atmospheric air bearings number 9

Now did you know Tesla had 33 denied US Patents - Was this an accident?

Here is Fig 1. & Fig 2. from one of those denied patent:

US Patent application 678,817 February 20th 1912 - "Method of deriving energy from fluids"

Tesla Turbine / Rotary Engine - Atmospheric air bearings number 9

So Tesla clearly likes labelling air bearings number 9.

He left his Mk1 air bearing design in the Tesla museum to point the way.

I believe he purposely left a piece with a hole in it so it wouldn't work, but apart from that hole I bet this is a fully working unit.

If you put a vacuum cleaner on the bottom big hole, the exhaust. It wouldn't levitate the axle and rotor because of the big hole purposely left in the casing.

Just to clarify the mechanism on top, I'm assured it is the method of changing the direction of the flow for clockwise or anti clockwise rotation.

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