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The 27kg mild steel rotor for the big pump was taken out yesterday and on Monday I picked up the new balanced aluminium 11kg rotor.

Here are the two aluminium discs after I deburred them:

This was the rotor assembled:

This is the rotor after I got it back from the balancers:

These are the free 6" discs I got from the water jetters as their machine messed up the previous discs. These tear shaped hole discs are for the design I have just been posting pictures of:

I've bought new SKF 20mm bearings rated at 8500rpm and also brand new GRW 8mm bearings for the turbine seen previously rated at 156,000rpm.

I've had a small amount taken off the turbine axle just to get the preload on the bearings correct.

I am looking to assemble the large pump tomorrow and test the new aluminium rotor.
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