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Here is the axle and separating washer with the discs ("runners") hidden:

Here are some more pictures for clarification.

The only feature missing is the tear shaped holes from the discs.

However using solid discs the machine becomes a compressor. The quietest compressor in the world!

Here are shots of the individual layers:

Centre volute layer:

Circular Groove layer:

Inlet Air Channel layer:

Air Bearing layer:

And thanks to Aaron Murakami I have the most detailed picture of the pump I've ever seen:

I managed to trace the whole design from this picture including side profile of volute, circular groove and inlet and outlets.

I made the volute section variable and the inlet section variable.

Tesla uses 11 discs and each disc has 3 holes (33).... Any amount of discs you use will be a multiple of 3.

The design is symmetrical and if the rotor is balanced it should remain perfectly in the centre.

A direct link to the CAD files:

Tesla's atmospheric air bearings which were a big advancement of Westinghouses 1904 patent took a lot of experiments and R&D to understand, but the reality is simplicity and pure genius!

Without vacuum they won't work but if your rotor is built with reasonably tight gaps then even a low rpm rotation will make vacuum and suck in from any hole.

Using a household vacuum cleaner on the exhaust is guaranteed to levitate the rotor and get it spinning!

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