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Comes the tribulation, riding on the back of automation

We are approaching a drawn out showdown between communism and fascism,,,, masquerading as crony capitalism. The problem has been brought to a crescendo by the inroads of automation. Boston Dynamics has an untethered robot that can do a gymnastics routine.
It is a world for humans but, what niche will the humans have? The communists and redistributionists both have a point. The money renters want their niche to continue on undisturbed. The parasitic loads on the State grow as more politicians give more promises for more votes. Productive capacity grows but, the number of productive employees is shrinking. The operating system of capitalism is unsuited for an automated economy. Mankind is NOT suited for a life of leisure. The whole world is thrashing around trying to find an accommodation for a fast growing population of people who have no productive niche.
The family structure has been destroyed by the bankers. Mental health is suffering greatly. Too many people are cast adrift from family and society. Everybody who has a niche wants things to continue as is,,, even though technology guarantees that it WON'T.

I need to heavily quote Armstrong. I have faulted him because his database could not have a long baseline for automation,,,, birth control,,, instant capital transfer,,,,,, forced immigration to destroy tribal continuity.
Armstrong seems to think (MAYBE correctly) that the computer can project the future without a baseline.

REPLY: This is what I have been saying. You cannot forecast something you have never witnessed that has not taken place before. It takes a computer with a vast database to see things unfold according to historical patterns, but in markets that event has never existed before.
Sorry, I need to do a lot more cites from him.
“When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you. . . you may know that your society is doomed.”
Here, Armstrong agrees with Ayn Rand in condemning fascism but, much of the rest of the article condemns socialism. Condemning socialism is a natural for capitalists but, they have NEVER offered an alternative or cure for automation. They suggest "retraining"

They cannot survive without trying to live off of other people’s money. What happens when the productive class refuses to produce? When “Atlas Shrugged,” it all comes crashing down.
Keep them poor enough and, they can't refuse to get up and go to work.
“Atlas Shrugged” has been ranked as #2 in the most influential books just behind the Bible. People like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren refuse to listen. They want to create utopia for themselves, convert the productive class into slaves, and expect them to work without enjoying the fruits of their own labor.
So buckle up. We are going to witness things many never even thought were possible. This may be the real confrontation between good & evil.

Sorry, it just isn't that simple.

I mean what I say that the central banks are TRAPPED!!!!! People have NO IDEA what we face. The system is unraveling but not even those in government have understood how it was interwoven to begin with. This is all part of how we are heading into a major Monetary Crisis Cycle
The system started unravelling when the first computer was used in business.
If you just play out what has taken place in socialism, there will be $400 trillion of unfunded liabilities by the time we get to 2032.
Denominating everything with a $$$$$$$$ sign is the problem. Is there a $ value to a new baby? EVERYTHING comes to a crashing halt without babies.
Governments have functioned on vote for me and I will rob someone else for you legally with a pen. This is how ALL Republics die. The very purpose of civilization was that coming together created a synergy that was beneficial for all. When government has always turned against one class for the benefit of another, the purpose of civilization ceases to exist
Armstrong decries socialism when it was fascism (brought on by regulatory capture) that makes socialism attractive.

Armstrong The entire climate change issue has become a covert means in this final confrontation between the left and the right. This is the very issue that will destroy the Western Society for it has been elevated to such heights and governments love it for all they see is more power and money. The activists behind the curtain are simply Marxists who are determined to make communism work one more time.
This truly isn't accurate. It is the banks that want the carbon-credits money. It is the blob state bureaucrats that wants all the wage and pension money to continue.

"There has been some talk about a “monetary reset” in the future, how do you see it play out and what role do you think precious metals could have if there is a reset?"
Armstrong; ANSWER: There will NEVER be such a reset that returns to a gold standard. There is absolutely no likelihood of that happening, for it would mean that socialism has come to an end. There could be no unfunded promises, pensions, etc. It is just total nonsense.
The reset will be in the bond market, NOT in currency. UBI will be the centerpiece of the reset.
Moreover, absolutely EVERY attempt to fix or peg currencies throughout the centuries has FAILED!!!!
Bretton Woods and the gold standard failed because they tried to fix or peg the dollar to $35 an ounce of gold, but then they spent freely and waged the Korean and Vietnam wars.

9/25 China’s hottest startups struggle for cash amid trade war – Bloomberg

9/25 What has frightened Wall Street banks from lending in the repo market? – PSW

That is what happens in a liquidity crisis.
9/25 Forty states in the U.S. do not have enough money to pay their bills – Forbes
That is what happens when the blob state votes for high wages and high pensions.
9/25 Peoria residents face new property tax fee devoted entirely to pensions – IP
9/24 Insider selling hits 20 year high as stock buybacks soar – Zero Hedge
9/24 Draghi open to MMT and a people’s QE – Mish

That's what happens when you have a liquidity crisis.

9/25 Bitcoin, ethereum, ripple’s xrp, and litecoin in shock meltdown – Forbes
9/24 Bitcoin falls sharply as litecoin suddenly crashes – Forbes
9/24 Bitcoin network hash rate mysteriously flash crashes by 40% – Coin Telegraph

Did you hear that the same thing happened to gold?? ,,, Neither did I.
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