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810 Vacuum Tubes

Hello Aaron,

810 Vacuum Tubes:


Eric Dollard arrived at my home a couple days ago and we're hot on another project. A couple 810 vacuum tubes, large transformers and chokes a bunch of other heavy and hard to find components that I purchased 4 yeras ago for a very specific purpose... if we can get it done in time for the 2020 ESTS, we're going to demonstrate it; if not, 2021 for sure!! No matter how challenging this all is, my goal is to have it done. I'm not saying what it is or what it will do, but it will blow your mind and knock your socks off at the same time - that's for sure. For some people, it's going to freak them out for sure because it is like something from the Outer Limits!"

Well now you have done it as I am all ears for any of the vintage Vacuum Tube projects but all I can raise here are a couple of NOS 805s but should do the job.

810s are now either not available or too expensive to buy but I do also have 813s.

It was the Carbon Anodes that I was attracted to as I had an instinct that there was a suspicious reason for using the Carbon which was later replaced by metal.

Have a Harold Strand Tesla project here where I was going to use the 805s in place of an 811A.

If you want a replication built, please let me know as I believe I was the only one that built all of Eric's Tube schematics he presented back in 2012 which I am still indebted to him for. Don't like the Math but a schematic is 100 x more informative and that probably goes for nearly everyone involved in 'Energy Synthesis'.

Perhaps a snide remark with respect to Eric's Conference presentation which I purchased but failed to gain little of bench interest.
Excellent string of Presenters you have prepared but difficult for those of us 'down under' to grasp.
Still have James DeMeo's presentation to review and should be interesting.

The bench is pretty bare when all you have in front of you is Math that really means nothing to you, unfortunately, excepting a great deal of work to figure out its meaning.

Cosmic Ray Detector (CRD) still working and promising to make a Video on its history but time is limited. A Solar Minimum event will allow for an increase in Cosmic Rays and that is now being reported.


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