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Why did I know that a book would be the only true answer?
That idea to switch and coil field cancel and motor generator magic
starting with Adams all the way to Christopher Columbus to Tesla
to who knows has been around for sometime.

I hope he sells them because I doubt I will have enough lifetimes
to follow his work, recreate it and continue the speculation.

That is simply not very nice, it's all about getting paid not about helping
others to get a handle on the way nature works. Wizards and Warlocks,
magicians and clowns are everywhere on the web. Leading the people
down the wrong roads. A road to piles of money for the trickster.

I am glad he is making money and having fun but is of no interest to
me. Unless he is going to talk reasonably by teaching us all something
other than slinging colorful slogan's around about how we must think
outside the box. That is not enough.

Thank you Sputins for bringing up to speed. I knew he was selling books.
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