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Joe's Fisher and Paykel

@BroM; The link was posted earlier in this thread... – But the posts are scattered, lots of noise and a lot of mining will be required. – Wait for his book…

Originally Posted by MerLynn View Post
And Joe's Fisher and Paykel motor/generator is also a Neutral Center device leaving all other Radiant Energy Devices (cold fusion) for dead....
I doubt the instructions on how to build Joe's Fisher and Paykel motor/generator are going to be given out for nothing… (Fair enough).

(But we can speculate)... As most experimenters have at some point played with around with these motors and rewired them to be wind generators or similar, I wonder how Joe would do it? Given that there are a multitude of ways that these Fisher and Paykel direct drive motors can be configured…

There are 36 Stater coils and 12 ferrite magnets on the outside rotor. Each magnet spans the distance of three coils. So for each set of three coils when the magnet is directly aligned, one is North Pole, one is South Pole and one in the middle is Neutral at a given point in time… So I think Joe might be isolating and utilizing the neutral coil(s) at a given time in the rotation of the rotor. But exactly how he does that and the wiring and switching configuration is the tricky part that only Joe knows… No doubt such a generator would make for a good charging device as well...
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