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Accelerating the slowdown

MSM has to turn a profit to stay in business. Alternative media does NOT,,, for the most part. Zero Hedge gets lots of contributors who are experts in a given field. Charles Hugh Smith, for example, asks for $5 a month from contributors. Most of the writers at ZH have some other business or some other income. If you are NOT being paid to write, there is little outside pressure. ZH has writers who are very much on top of things. Not wanting to burden you with too much reading, I try to stick to headlines and blurps.

The Latest Numbers Tell Us That The Global Economic Slowdown Is Accelerating Dramatically
Economists are already predicting “the world’s lowest growth in a decade”, but it is beginning to look like what we will be facing will be much worse than that...
Tesla Involved In Deadly Las Vegas Collision Continued Driving And Hit Four Nearby Pedestrians
"Police in Las Vegas are investigating a Tesla that ran a red light and caused a deadly crash "
So, who do you sue for wrongful death?
Central Bankers' Fatal Conceit: "The Goldilocks Syndrome"
"They actually believe that if they tinker enough, they can come up with a policy that will work “just right”"
They are trying to get rich without working and, so far, it is working.

Community Outraged After City Shuts Down Farm-Stand Run By Preschoolers
"It’s like something out of The Onion: city manager shuts down preschool farm stand out of fear that, if allowed, “we could end up with one on every corner."
Risk happens fast, especially when markets run on hopium with extended valuations.

How fast?
WTI Extends Losses After Second Weekly Surprise Crude Build
WTI hovered around $57 ahead of the data, and extended the day's ugly losses after API reported the second weekly surprise build in a row...

But, but, the frackers need a higher price.
"That's The Greatest Risk" - Head Of World's Largest PE Firm Warns Of "Asset Bubble Reckoning"

"Billionaires Shouldn't Exist": Bernie Proposes Tax To Cut Billionaire Wealth In Half
"Sanders’s plan to tax accumulated wealth, not just income, is particularly aggressive in how it would erode the fortunes of billionaires."
Cryptos Are Collapsing Led By Altcoin Bloodbath
"Unclear on what the catalyst could be, if anything news-wise, but cryptos are collapsing across the board with altcoins leading the plunge..."
Foreign Buyers Surge In Blistering 2Y Treasury Auction
Complementary to this article, you must read an article from Armstrong regarding capital flows.
"The 1989 Bubble top in Japan was so severe like 1929 BECAUSE it had attracted capital from around the world which intensified the rally. But when the foreign investors sold, Japan crashed and burned because nobody understood the consequences of capital flows.
Even when the CIA came to us and wanted me to build this model for them and I declined, they understood we invented capital flow analysis and it was the key to the rise and fall of nations."

Insider Selling Hits 20 Year High As Stock Buybacks Soar
"Executives across the US are shedding stock in their own companies at the fastest pace in two decades, amid concerns that the long bull market in equities is reaching its final stages."
This is very interesting Armstrong sees capital flows continuing to lift the stock market.
Bitcoin Tumbles After Network Hash-Rate Mysteriously Flash-Crashes By 40%
Dollar Funding Shortage Accelerates As Both Overnight And Term Repo Oversubscribed
The banks are crying POOR and, dumping risky paper back to the FED.
'Work Less, Make More': Labour Party Introduces Plan For 4-Day Work Week

"...Millions are exhausted from overwork..."

Eat less and, live on the street.

"The Dam Could Break On Thursday": Here Are 12 Quotes That Signal Democrats Are Primed To Impeach Trump
It looks like they are really going to do it...

That whole Biden / Ukraine thing has caused a collective cerebral Aneurysm in the Dem party. They have shown their true colors. They hate anybody who is anti war.
Family investment offices are stashing $trillions to protect it AND, buy up everything after the crash.
It's just not that simple. If Armstrong is correct and, the crash is in sovereign bonds, the government will have to stop consuming. That leaves the public to do all the buying and consuming. That isn't going to happen at a global mean wage.

9/24 Four collision courses for the global economy – Nouriel Roubini
9/24 Student debt hits a depressing $1.5 trillion. Where do we go from here? – MB 360
9/24 Negative interest rates in the United States: not any time soon – Forbes

They lie about the inflation rate so that they can claim that interest rates are not negative.:wall
9/24 BOJ’s Kuroda expounds on virtues of negative rates – Bloomberg
I'm sure that it was a very short speech.

9/24 Scared central banks face up to threats from climate change – Bloomberg
Hopefully, they will all commit suicide.
9/24 Why is most of the media circling the wagons to protect Hunter Biden? – NY Post I have no idea.
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