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'' . . . In that sense, we trivially ďlive in a computer,Ē
but thatís just a funny way to talk about the laws of nature. ''
Scientists should respect the limits of their discipline
. . . .

''And finally, if you are really asking whether our universe
has been programmed by a superior intelligence,
thatís just a badly concealed form of religion.
Since this hypothesis is untestable inside the supposed simulation,
itís not scientific. This is not to say it is in conflict with science.
You can believe it, if you want to. But believing in an omnipotent
Programmer is not scienceóitís tech-bro monotheism.
And without that Programmer, the simulation hypothesis is just
a modern-day version of the 18th century clockwork universe,
a sign of our limited imagination more than anything else.''

Scientists should respect the limits of their discipline
Is the Universe a programmed system ?
Does Universe have place for an omnipotent Programmer ?
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