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Field Science

Originally Posted by MerLynn View Post
Bob Boyce is way behind the times in understanding the Atomic Structure.
Anything Joe can do with a car battery and SS tubes he can do with Ferrite ring magnets.

The 4 Way Cell, (like Alex Shifflier and Peter Stevens made famous) can be powered up FOUR different ways. Each producing a totally different effect in the Water. These 2 guys only ever said to connect the Negative lead to the Bottom of the Center Tube.

Joe's In-Line Magnetic Cell consisting of just a MILD steel pipe with 4 ferrite ring magnets and 2 mild steel washers will create what John Keely described as a Neutral Center for Radiant Energy manifestation (zero point) and ANY liquid pumped through the pipe will exit as PURE Fresh potable water. Any Liquid includes raw sewerage, acid mine waste, sea water, runny concrete and even oily ****. If the Magnets are reversed fresh water exits as oil so pure it doesnt need refining to be used in a VW Golf Diesel car. So a Tube Joecell and an Magnetic In-Line Cell will make oil or fresh water depending upon the orientation of the Magnets or the placement of the DC electrodes in 4 different positions to FORMAT the water. The Wave Form. Or as Walter Russell said as a Title of a Book... "In the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation"

A hundred neutral plates DOES NOT create a Neutral Center.
A JoeCell Tube Cell DOES create a Neutral Center.

Joe has only done it several 1000 times for several 1000 people. Its not like its new or anything. Its just Peter and Alex were dip shots who knew nothing about what they were looking at.

And Joe's Fisher and Paykel motor/generator is also a Neutral Center device leaving all other Radiant Energy Devices (cold fusion) for dead....

We are seeking interested persons who MUST View the cells before ANY offer is tendered.
Think about that. All them JoeCells that are in the garage of frustrated builders can be used to make oil for pennies a gallon. But only if one throws out electrons, protons, elements, ions, and thinks in terms of Wave Forms and Water Memory. Why? Because as you think so you create. and to use false science principles will give false results every time.

Good to see you on the Energetic Forum MerLynn…

I have followed some of MerLynn’s posts on another forum from since around July 2016…

So those reading his posts, in order to absorb and understand, I would suggest suspending your current standard (scientific) belief systems (programming), in order to better learn or understand the way of the thinking he’s trying to relay or teach, regarding Field Science. (Water Science).

It is a different thought process with understanding Field Science. - But in my opinion it is well worth the consideration and understanding, as you will pick up the principals of new knowledge…

Just saying…

"Doesn't matter how many times you kick the coyote in the head, it's still gonna eat chickens". - EPD
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