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Now of course you're familiar with optical tweezers right? No? Well optical tweezers are basically tractor beams on a microscopic level. In other words, it's light precisely moving microscopic sphere's with exact precision. How precise you ask? This precise; these are real optical sphere's being positioned under a microscope.

Now if by some chance you want get your mind messed with than please go the the video link below where they attempt to explain how this works using the theory that light carries momentum. Evidently this is official explanation of how microsphere's are controlled. Warning...danger..not recommended.

So what are microsphere's really? Well they are tiny microscopic beads coated with assorted materials such as aluminum. One type of Retroreflective Microspheres are made by applying a half-shell aluminum coating on solid barium titanate glass microsphere.

So microsphere's are microscopic glass beads? No, there are all kinds of microsphere's coated with various substances. Here's a link to see of the available types of retroreflective microsphere's.

Ok, so by now I'm really hoping you're forming some of your own ideas about what you think is really going on when different forms of matter interact with light.

If a laser is suspending a diamond dust particle, and holding it rock solid like a tractor beam due to polarization induced by a coherent beam of light, then one would expect that if light carried momentum this vastly more dense light would instead impart a significantly larger force upon that matter and drive it away. I mean isn't that common sense?

Instead we are told that the laser is polarizing the dielectric insulator which is this diamond dust the laser holds in suspension. How does polarizing a tiny speck of diamond dust, or for that matter, a mountain of the same, equal a levitating bit of matter held rock solid in a beam of light?

It's one thing to say light carries momentum when this explanation is being used to explain moving a microscopic piece of matter on a glass plate. It's an entirely other matter to say it's holding an object suspended in mid air when it should instead be propelling it. Don't get tunnel vision now. Remember the dust in sunlight problem? Some stay and others jet away?
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