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Stop letting other people tell you how it is: The system lies, it lies about everything, and above all it's going to lie to you about how UFO's work. Tesla wasn't a certified expert. Hell he wasn't anyone. If peer review and certified groups of experts was what it took back in Tesla's day we would all be sitting round still trying to create a feasible power grid: OK? Now then, I probably shouldn't do this but what the hell, I can't live forever and so I'm gonna share an idea with all of you, and in doing this please refer back to my somewhat crappy explanation of how an electromagnetic pulsed polarized field is propelling the Alexey over on that thread; or at least so I think. Now if that's correct, and of course it is, then let's put that idea to better use.

Listen extremely closely to Hotdog Drake Anthony, aka Styropyro, a well known Youtuber. Like all young people he's jabbering a million miles perhour. You're gonna have to really chince up your belt to keep your drawers up with this speed talker. I also want to point how evil this corrupted education system actually is, because Drake here may have already gulped down this idea of particles, and he says that the "particles inside the laser beam are an insulator, a dielectric, and gets polarized by the laser light. I'm assuming here that he means it is the diamond dust that is the particle ( diamond dust is a particle), and and that the dust is itself the dielectric/insulator." It's hard to tell what he means. This particle business is imprecise. Only matter can be a particle if it is an unknown, or if the term references a collected group of tiny bits of matter such as dust particles, or identified collected specific groups of tiny dust particles such as diamond dust particles. Pay attention to how this term is used because it's trickster.

That diamond dust is a dielectric condenser and holder. The energy inside or around the diamond dust is dielectric energy and not particles. The diamond dust is an insulator because it's holding a dielectric energy field. There are no particles other than the diamond dust. Dust is the only particle.

The dielectric is the condensed coherent counterspace formed inside or around the carbon crystal particles. You can see how tiny the diamond dust is. It's the dust that's the particle. Not the reverse. This crystalline dust is what is creating holding a dielectric field, and that's what enables the light to polarize the dielectric energy field. The dielectric field is not composed of particles, but is rather energy, a very significant difference which if not recognized will guide you off in to the weeds. The dielectric field is everywhere, at all times, in all places. That's what Wheelers Simplex Dielectric Theory of reality is all about: That the magnetic is a dielectric cycling field of energy condensed out of thin air for all intense and purposes. The crystal is a dielectric holder condensing counterspatial energy coherent enough to be controlled with polarization and which is induced by the coherent laser light. No particles except for the diamond dust dielectric holder.

Specifically I want you to listen to 5:11 seconds to 5:23 seconds. Understand? This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where Drake tells you how it works with the only error being this abstraction about non-existent particles being responsible for levitation.

OK, got that? Now recall this?

Super HD Image.

Who can tell me what a magnetic field is composed of according to Ken Wheeler? Go ahead with a shout out: What's that? Yes, you in the back..Oh, would that be a dielectric field I hear?

The UFO in the HD image looks impressive alright but is it really that far advanced such that we cannot even understand it? Certainly not because this is not an alien space craft. Give me 80 years and half the planetary GDP and I'll get you across the Galaxy too. Only problem is I haven't got 80 years left. One of you kids out there has to carry the torch instead and you're not going to do that by being lead with a steel ring through the end of you nose, and by the way those things are gross as hell, so get that out of your nose right this second.

Now I hope you realize this is only half of the equation since the other half is light, and let's see where is that section on light propulsion... 22 of the ARV thread? Not sure but I think so. Amazing how there was such a drive to develop laser pointers back in the day. Ever so useful ya know. Now I might be through being a jackass, time will tell I suppose, but seriously just listen to Ken and apply practical reasoning and follow the historical pathways of developed technology and that will lead to logical and sensible explanation.

Unraveling the UFO matrix only requires logical thinking and not allowing yourselves to become brainwashed by officialdoom. Trace the history of technology to find clues, and in this case isn't it logical to begin with the idea that saucers first were developed in Nazi Germany? That's where the story begins. It doesn't begin with ancient aliens for humanity. It begins with the saucer stories that leaked out, with the sketch of an otherworldly craft by Victor which somehow escaped he clutches of the USAF. For us this is where the technology has some sense of reality buried in history and cloaked in national security.

Logic should tell you that the development of an ultra simplified pulse jet engine for use in war was the inspiration behind an alternative propulsion system, and as fuel reserves dried up, as cars and trucks began using gasified wood for fuel, as the German Army became increasingly desperate for solutions, resorting to horses and wagons, then obviously an alternative non-petroleum propulsion system was put on the front burner. Given the somewhat hookey story surrounding Kowsky-Frost Quartz Levitation in 1927, and then the photographic evidence of a saucer over Berlin in 1935, then logic says that even before Adolf Hitler seized total power this technology had been refined enough to create a flying machine. From that starting point you can begin to follow the pathways that might have been explored.

Another thing I've been wanting to bring out dovetails with the movie; "Men In Black."
Remember the part about checking the hot sheets?

It isn't like tetrahedrons weren't associated with space travel or inter-galactic capability a very long time ago. It's not like that's something new and revolutionary. This tetrahedron symbolism you will see is everywhere. I mean tetrahedrons, pyramids, and cubes are just all over the movie screens, but then there's that pulp magazine cover from 1933 with tetrahedrons from space. I mean come on; seriously what are the odd's? Oh, and how about Impulse power...ah... Captain?

1960 Ultra low grade Movie: "Beyond the Time Barrier."

Star Trek: Gen 1. For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."

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