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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi all, going in a new direction with the flywheel project.
Decided to get rid of belts and pulleys and integrate the generator into the flywheel itself.
Picked up a 10 lb. cast iron weight lifting plate and was glad to find the center hole is accurate from manufacturing.
Then made a shaft adapter for the center hole, which is a tad over 1 inch, using steel epoxy putty in a mold, then drilled 5/8" shaft hole and lathed to fit cast iron plate.
The flywheel rotates very true.

Will then use bedini style pulse motor circuit for propulsion and probably air coils around the rotor/flywheel, for power generation.
This should be more efficient, as the intention is not to generate big power, just power some lights and charge some batteries for this design.
Will be attaching neo magnets to periphery of flywheel to start with, though a separate wood rotor could be made also and have plans to add more flywheel weight if needed.

Working on the structure at the moment.
peace love light
Hi! In fact, you come to the correct formula of the device. I want to encourage you, this technology was implemented in the project VEGA (Ukraine). The upper stage at a certain speed was self-propelled. The disadvantage of the system was the classic synchronous generator MAGLEV (USA). The mass of the rotating rotor also served as an inertial mass.

At that time I upgraded one such unit. To the owner I had offers even to improve, but he refused having received steady result of work. Its installation worked as an Autonomous source of security alarm, mobile object.

Either way, you need another generator.


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