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Originally Posted by BBX View Post
Electricity has been considered as decayed ether by many borderland scientists in the past few decades
Electricity has nothing to do with electrons. Electrons or Negative charged Particles have NOTHING to do with the Atomic Structure.

The Aether is the Energy Grid of the Universe. Energy can come and go from the Aether as Plasma Structures of Light. Tesla said Everything is the Light.
Everything is made from Light Plasma. Its frequency of vibration or Wave Form is what gives its appearance as MATTER.

The Energy is in the Waver form as vibrations. Change the Vibration (Memory) and you change the Matter (transmutation)

The human brain is then ONLY a BATTERY controlled by SPIRIT which is an Aether projection or Creation of the Universal Mind Or God. The Universal Energy grid or Mind is then considered God. But the Universal Energy Grid did not create itself.

Til one understands Energy, Frequency and Vibration, one has NO chance of understanding the Brain, Water, Spirit or the essence of Creation.
The "God" question as per ANY religion on the planet is merely Higher Life Forms that can travel by slipping through the Aether not traveling IN it.
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