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Stupid Harry Potter.
This is the Post you’ve all been looking for.
You cant get a more miss-informed about the subject of MAGIC than Harry Potter.
For starters, One has to build one’s own magic wand. You cannot buy another Energy Worker’s Mind Programmed Tool. One has to make it and program the crystal for his or hers own personal Bio Field Projections. Yes, he needs beating over the head with his overpriced walking stick. Such is the stupid Legacy Harry potter has left humanity.
You needed to be told how to cut, Field Alignment, and Mind program the tubes for any JoeCell Magic Wand that you want it to run your car. For every degree of temperature that’s the tubes are raised at the Cut Field creates a stronger NEW Pole giving the tube potentially 4 poles. So the Cell didn’t work as the tube is harmonically, out of tune. Pick that **** up with SS callipers. Same for the washers between the two ring magnets, they need to be cut with a Water Jet or stamped depending upon thickness. If adding a new polarity by heating the washer in a LATHE, same as tubes in a JoeCell, there’s a new Field Effect on the tube. Joe virtually never cut anything, preferring to find the right piece of tube. But if its all about Orgone, or as Peter presented it, just a Kit, is it any wonder no one got it to be RADIANT? Some got close though.
Precious metals have Bio Field Properties. Its Bio Energy of the Cold Fusion kind, that one is projecting into the wand and out again. Its ALL suns Plasma or Structures of Light. One concentrates one’s Auric Energy Field to project out the tip of one’s fingers into neutral plate metals or Emoto’s water crystals or spoons. Have faith in yourself. If Joe can do it so can you. Joe likes Stainless Steel 316L as it has no residual Magnetic Memory once the power has turned off. Whereas a Nail will retain magnetic Memory when immersed in a New Magnetic Field being generated in the water.
Neodymium increases the magnetic Field of iron whereas Chromium nullifies Irons Memory.
For every action there’s an opposite and equal reaction. The Projection of Bio Energy by any means (even just getting angry) will see an opposite and equal reaction and we call this Energy Balancing act, Karma or Newtons Law.
So choose the metal wisely as copper energises the Blood and cellular Field Strength. Silver energises the Immune system which is Fluid based like hormones and gland secretions. The immune system also has a Temperature based Field increaser when Virus Frequencies are introduced into the Field. Changing the Vibration rate of the Bio Field to “Vibrate more” to maintain Equilibrium by mimicking the Vibration of the Virus so Bio Energy Kills the pathogen. This is the science of Electro Health. Rife frequencies try to mimic harmonically any invading pathogen. Copper tarnishes easily and is a sacrificial metal for Positive energy. Silver tarnishes easily too. Silver boosts the immune system. Gold is a very good conductor and not reactive to South Pole Positive Energies that the human Bio Field operates on. We breathe South Pole Positive Terminal created water vapour for energy. Gold Frequencies in the body help with the Auric Field and Central Nervous System to channel energy to where ever its needed like the finger tips in Reiki or build muscles faster with better energy flow from the brain to the muscle to Create New Muscle Cells from this energy from the Brain/Battery to the muscle, giving one that six pack they feel they need.
Gold is for Magi, Wizards and Priests. (the Gods or those with Gifts of the Gods ie stronger Bio Fields) Copper and Silver are for the common folk. Platinum is the metal UFO”S are made from or at least 60%. It readily allows the user to program it. Has an affinity for Mind Force Frequencies. The ship can be flown with the Mind if of a Platinum based Memory Metal. Even better if the ‘Ship’ is grown from a SEED.
On or about 26th June 1367, all crystals changed shape on the planet as recorded by Persian Physicians at the time. The planet cooled down 4 degrees, Snow paintings began as London, Paris now have White Winters where before they did not. Castles became too cold to live in. This altering of the Universal Matrix or Aether Grid (responsible for Inertia and is the Fabric of Energy upon which all matter rests or moves) When the Grid changed Frequency, Matter changed frequency and as everything is a crystalline structure of the Water Crystal Tetrahedron, the Universal Field construct of matter changed. This meant on Earth, Ruby’s Safire’s, Quartz, Basalt, in fact ALL rocks altered their shape but was most evident in large Desk Ornaments.
Earth Crystals went form a Double to a Single Lattice Structure and losing their Over Unity features in the process. It was the day MAGIC DIED. The Atlantean Fire Crystal did not. It is the King of Crystals. Unequalled anywhere in the Universe for Energy output controlled by the inputer device which can be an organic brain battery.
The site The Fall of Atlantis and their use of Crystals is a lot of history rewritten.
The Jooos have again perverted ancient history with Evil White Ayran Hitler having its origin in Atlantis. If they knew ANYTHING about the crystals in Atlantis they would know where to find them. They would know how the 150 foot spire with the Crystals on top exploded and whom actually did it by sabotaging in the name of helping to Tweak it for more power as its generating capacity was at MAXX. Its subsequent blast destroyed the Radar band around the earth up to 150 above sea level. This happened BEFORE Atlantis sank in the Periodic re-occurring Earth Changes every 4300 years approx. This is why coil pack 4 U was booted out. We are not going to tolerate my lab created by humans crystals are better than your alien life forms. It’s the Stupid Harry Potter attitude thinking humans can reverse engineer Heavenly (gods) Tech.

This sentence PROVES its some fabrication using about 10% truth and 90% half truths to push a perverted form of History about Atlantis.
“The Atlantean Crystals open the Etheric gate, the Dimensional Portals that will allow Mankind of Carbon based Life to interface with those of Bio-plasmic Life.” A Quote which if you think about it actually says nothing at all in conventional science terms.
We are a Water Based Universe. Water is Liquid Crystal Electricity. The Atlantean Crystals were genetically engineered to power tools by mind control using its Double Lattice as a mechanism for creating its own Neutral Center when an exterior Field is applied. A Field within a Field will do it (nearly) every time. Only from a Neutral Center or its Equilibrium can Radiant Energy from the Aether Grid manifest. The Crystal is inside one’s Auric Field and being powered up by it. Just like a Fysher Paykel motor is a Motor inside a generator where the motor spinning creates a Field within or together as a Generator circuit.
Now why didnt they say it like this… Allows for Humans to interface, which is control of Bio Plasmic Life which is Structures of Light as Life is in Everything said Thales. You can make finger tips bend spoons easier with Atlantean Fire Crystals embedded in Platinum worn on the fingers provided you INTERFACED with the crystal and programmed it like Joe does the washers and ring magnets and Neutral Tubes in his Cells.
This is how you make your own Wand of any configuration. You just cant buy thus ****, OK? Stupid Harry Potter. For a potion or elixir to work, you need to be present when its made if not actually making it yourself. For a Wand to Work, you gotta know Mind programming, Radiant Energy, crystalology Metallurgy AND PRACTICE.

If Peter and Alex the Con Men of Cellery, had presented this Science of Olde, instead of running with some fabrication of Human Ideology, Joe might have his Farm by now. The “problem” with Russellian Science is that, whilst it has documented Transmutation, it has not the Atomic Structure to explain it other than Wave forms. Russellian Science has a further Level of understanding in the Tetrahedron Structure of ALL LIGHT matter. Darren would probably disagree. But Darren cant actually give the mechanism by which DC from a car battery turns any liquid into water and water into oil. Wave forms might be an explanation but not how humans want to understand it.

Here is the theory of ONE DROP of WATER.
Games and Theory. After all Life is but a Grand Game. SimCity Earth has had MANY Gods or Aliens rule over humans and they have played games of thrones with each other as in the City States of Atlantis. Its still ongoing as some have referred to the Reptilian agenda. Keeping the Atomic Theory pure BS keeps humans under control. Giving them Crystal Tech like in Atlantis only caused wars when humans thought they could be like gods.
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