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Having met Joe in 1996 and being Joe's friend since, few know Joe like I do.
I have seen Joe tear strips off Peter Stevens for his mistruths about what he says about Joecells several time in person. Peter know almost NOTHING about a Joecell. Following any of his advice will lead you to failure. Joe USES Peter to 'put out there' certain information about Joe's WATER SCIENCE.
I might add that after the first cell was constructed, some one of the group of four who were there in 1992, came back at 2 am and BORROWED the cell and some 2 years later he returned it. Joe just doesnt trust them any more with REAL IP.
Alex Shifflier who wrote the manual for experimenters couldnt have got it more wrong either. Following his advice will also Guarantee failure. Viny pintobrain who used the explanations from these two fake inventors also got it completely wrong. Gawd only knows what a jennycell does.
I was the Video operator for the water into oil demo posted earlier. I have many videos of Joe using his cells for MANY other uses. Im about the only one for the last 20 years to have the video rights to document Joe.
For the Book, I asked Joe to state clearly and concisely, what it is that a JoeCell Does.... his reply, Its a device for changing the Memory of Water. Memory is Frequency. Tesla said Every thing is Energy Frequency and Vibration. Let that sink in people. there are no electrons or protons nor any elements either.
Since the 'car' days of 1992 to 95 Joe has gone on to build many more cells dozens of them. Some so big they need a truck to move. Some fit in the palm of one's hand. No two are the same and in fact they are so radically different from the known design of FIVE tubes of 316L stainless that even that one is not interpreted right. There are 4 ways to connect the DC to the tubecell and ALL Joecells work BEST with a 12volt car battery for DC.
Read this for some understanding of how changing the Memory of (sea) water can make a liquid that one can drink and never eat again....
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