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Not free energy.

Two Dyno brush discharge style motors one acting as generator.

#Roobert33 Alternator and Motor charging system Explanation: In this system, the alternator is able to give stable and durable current because it has a low number of turns and the motor pushing the alternator makes little effort to drag it. Note: This unusual method of generating current between motor and alternator is different from conventional current generators and can not be compared with 12V 220V electronic inverters, they are different systems for running time and current absorption. Features: Alternator, 220V 1.2KW, 50Hz, 1450rpm, year 1948. 12V DC permanent magnet motor. Bulbs 220V 500W + 200W. Battery power system12V 44 Ah. Two 12V 44 Ah batteries. Charger 12-24 volts.
NOTICE: This video is just an experiment and a demonstration, no confirmation of free energy.This experiment can be inspirational to those who try to create something concrete, but only inspiration.

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