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Challenging the dollar,,,, deflecting blame ahead of time

Oil To Hit $100? Pompeo Blames Iran For "Unprecedented" Drone Attack That Crippled Largest Saudi Oil Processing Facility

Saudi Aramco describes the Buqyaq facility as "the largest crude oil stabilization plant in the world."

6% of world oil production capacity is off-line.
We're Ready For "Full-Fledged" War: Iran Responds To US Accusation It Launched Saudi Oil Attack

IRGC commander announces American bases and ships "within range" of its missiles.

Will McCabe Bring The FBI Down With Him?
...we should be prepared for McCabe carrying out his threat to bring them all down. We may yet find out what really happened in “Andy’s office”.

YES, bring them ALL down.
Only In Illinois: Wife Of Indicted Political Boss Will Hold Highest Judicial Post In State

Retail Carnage Continues: Forever 21 Bankruptcy Expected By Sunday
"The headwinds for retail are gaining hurricane force."

"National Emergency" - US Business Formation Goes Negative

This is just more bad news for the "greatest economy ever."

Israeli Attacks On Syria Halted After Russia Threatened To Shoot Down Jets
Russia threatened to shoot down any invading Israeli warplanes using fighter jets or their S-400 system.

This is great news. It indicates that Netanayahooo is on his way out. His enemies are Xi, Putin and Trump,,, not to mention most of Europe and the East.

IMF Estimates $15 Trillion Of World's Foreign Direct Investments Are "Phantom Capital"
This total makes up 40% of the world's foreign direct investments, and is the equivalent to the combined GDP of China and Germany...

Any hiccup in the system will turn all of it into vapor.

Europe's Dream: Escaping the Dictatorship of the Dollar ...

Why the Euro Won't Replace the Dollar - Barron's

EU brings industry together to tackle dollar dominance in trade settlement.
The Rise of the Dollar and Fall of the Euro as International currency
Macron Says the Euro Is Not Yet an Alternative to U.S. Dollar ...
The Euro At 20: A Victim Of Economic Malpractice - Forbes

In 1989, Armstrong told the Eurocrats that a currency union with out a debt union had ALWAYS failed. They said that they were going to go ahead anyway and, "wing it"

Here is a Spanish language vid from Armstrong, In the prologue (English) , Armstrong talks about his history and, what is coming. He focuses on the fact that the bad design of the Euro will take down Europe.

The BRICs.
BRICS Woes: Plunging Currency Values Belie Talk Of Challenging Dollar
BRICs Discuss Alternative to Dollar | The Rio Times
Is BRICS a True Alternative? - cadtm
​'BRICS system' – healthy alternative to 'defunct dollar system ...2014
Brics move to unseat dollar as trade currency - Fin24 2012

Not to be left out;
Could the Renminbi Challenge the Dollar? - Carnegie
MINTs (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey) - Investopedia › Investing › Alternative Investments
4 days ago

BRICS Bank challenges the exorbitant privilege of the US dollar

BRICS countries dump the euro, establish bank – EURACTIV .d
The Root of All Evil? The Dollar, the BRICS and South Africa
GeoEconomics – US Oil Dollars Empire vs BRICS – China ...
The BRICS Initiatives Towards a New Financial Architecture ...
Beyond the Dollar - Institute for New Economic Thinking

Everybody wants to challenge the domination of the U.S. dollar. The Euro could have been an alternative but, Germany could not be talked into a debt union. For good reason. Germans are hard workers,,, southern Europe,,,, much less. Germany didn't want to be hitched up to pull the socialist cart for France.
The BRICs infrastructure bank, along with the Belt & Road initiative could have worked but, Asian cohesiveness was all talk. Chinese dams have cut way back on the water supply for 2 billion people on; the Indus, Ganges, Baramputra and, Mekong.
Then, there are all the problems around the South China Sea.
China is in recession and, going down fast. World trade has crashed and the Chinese are closing down their shipyards.

Armstrong blames the crash of the Euro on socialism. To a certain extent, that is true. The French government spends 57% of the GDP.
Armstrong; "There is a sense of more concern beginning to emerge for the elites are at last starting to notice that this may have gone way too far and it is unfolding as a war against capitalism. Unfortunately, they may have simply overslept way too long. Donating to politicians is not going to save the day."

"While my discussions have been with people who attend these elite conferences that others often associate with conspiracy theories of dominating the world, I can attest that they are no more in charge of the world economy than anyone reading this blog. The Club may have a get-out-of-jail-free card and never are prosecuted, but they ALWAYS lose on their manipulations and run to governments for bailouts. Even there they may have overstayed their welcome when the next one comes crashing down. So much for being in control!'
I can attest that they are no more in charge of the world economy
THAT is a big, steaming load of BS. They set the interest rates,,, the price of money and energy. Everything else follows. THEY are responsible for currency debasement
to finance wars. They are responsible for price inflation that robs us of our purchasing power. They are responsible for supercharging the budgets of the war industries.
they ALWAYS lose on their manipulations and run to governments for bailouts
They make $trillions until they blow the system, THEN, they squeeze the taxpayers to make up their gambling losses.

"The elites I have spoken to know our model and keep an eye on things. The Monetary Crisis Cycle coming due is also the convergence of many factors, not the least of which it is also the Pi turning point for Germany – October 3rd, 1990 German unification. Even the elites are starting to smell a crisis in the wind. But with all the people forecasting a recession now and Trump demanding zero or negative interest rates, I know one thing. They will all be wrong for what is unfolding is nothing like the last debacle which they always predict "

"My discussions have been about this leftist agenda which the elite have ignored as a passing trend pretty much up there with the election of Donald Trump. They want to talk and respect that our computer has been the only thing to accurately forecast not just the bull market in the US shares, the capital concentration into the USA, the slow painful economic recession in Europe which has been like watching paint dry, but also the fact that it forecast the Trump and BREXIT victories, the chaos in Japan, and the trends in India and Southeast Asia not to mention the collapse of the Swiss Peg and the ERM crisis from the beginning of the Euro. They are becoming concerned and I see this ironically as right on schedule for the turning point come January 2020."

"We are headed into a period that NO PERSON can forecast from an opinion perspective for this is not something anyone has seen in their lifetime and you really have to go past the Great Depression before you can catch a glimpse of what we face."

"There is NO PLACE left of the earth that is not moving into crisis mode. Normally, I have been running around the world getting called in from one crisis to another. But they have been isolated crises. Now we are facing crises on every continent and it is all simultaneous. To survive this total complete mess, it will take a computer to monitor everything and sort out the correlations.

This is by far the worst I have personally ever seen on top of the complete meltdown in the civility within politics. This is how republics die. They are not instruments for one side to suppress the opponent. Yet that is now the objective – crush the opposition at all costs. There can be no long-term management of the economy"
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