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The stakes for the next election

Mikey, it is true that the Khazarian mafia is running most of the crime syndicates in the world. The israeli secret police admit as much. Netanayahooo is the focal point of the crime families.
The Jews have been persecuted and cast out of everywhere for 1,000s of years. What about the Amish,,, Mennonites, Jains, Budhists ?
The Jews have a special place in world history. I went to israel to see for myself. The best word to describe the people of israel is INTRANSIGENCE.
This intransigence permeates everything.
"Prof. Dan Ben-David of Tel Aviv University warned recently that Israel could cease to exist in a couple of generations. He pointed to the astonishingly high birth rate among ultra Orthodox Jews"
"Israel’s Orthodox Jews are the fastest growing group in the country. They are also the country’s poorest population, 45 percent live below the poverty line in segregated communities. "
So, the welfare queens are the fastest growing population.
"On top of all of that we face Bibi’s survival wars that threaten to escalate any minute into a world conflict. "
THAT is where the problem comes in.
‘Netanyahu goes to Putin to show Israeli voters: ‘I’m an important world leader’
Bibi says that he is goling to annex the Jordan valley,,, to get votes.
Bibi is willing to burn down the world to get re-elected AND avoid prosecution.
In light of all of this, the Palestinians are in relatively good shape.. They simply need to survive. Israel seems to be Israel’s fiercest enemy.
The world is very tired of all the wars to create the "greater israel.

Theodore Herzl, the spiritual godfather of israel said that the settlers must buy the land and live in peace. They ignored this advice and built a State based on institutionalized violence against everybody. It was cobbled together and filled with people who have no national identity. They have a "common" religious identity but, it is COMPLETELY fractured in the spectrum between ultra-orthodox and ultra conservative.

Trump has the job of holding off the wars until the israeli suicide is complete. ANYONE but Trump can be adequately controlled by israel after the next election. MSM is pulling out all the stops to try to block Trump. Vote for Trump OR vote for world annihilation.
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