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Hi Med,
Tanks for the update.

I have wound a L1 and L2 ETBC. My L1 is 300mm long and gives me just over one complete coil turn around the L2 ETBC. It is hard to know what I am looking at, and measuring the frequency. On the scope i see lots of jumbled up frequencies. There is one point on the inside of the L2 coil where I get stable signal. I have a wound Bucking coil which collects the output from L2 when nearby - with or without connection as third coil and shows me different frequencies along the coil! Best frequency stability is when only using one section of bucking coil with centre connection disconnected and this is at the end of the coil. 1MHz.

This gets a bit confusing trying to determine when I am doing the correct thing. I understand the notion of Tesla's use of the term preponderate forthe significance of the external coil, but, I cannot resolve the 4:1 ratio at this external coil. Is it wound down to 1/4 of the transmitting L2? or is the L2 the 1/4 preponderated coil? Working this concept out would help with looking for the resonance at the magnifier.

Keeping me awake!


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