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Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
Not sure this next post of mine is entirely in line with the previous posts, but to some extent it can be associated with the above since the evident objectives of the breakaway civilization is directly tied to the goal of immortality, and thereby the aforementioned is somewhat related.

This is the video link to listen to.
#SAFEHOME: Dorian, ABACO, Epstein, Ghislaine, TerraMar #HARPA
You Are Free TV
Published on Sep 5, 2019
After being stationary for over 15 hours,
Hurricane Dorian appears to be moving very slowly again,
and remains a powerful storm that'll cause problems
for the southeastern United States for the rest of the workweek.

Sep 3, 2019 - The eyewall, the most severe part of a hurricane,
bombarded Grand Bahama Island for a horrifying 40 hours straight.


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