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Spreading the message of UBI

Once again, yesterday's post got zapped.
Why Momentum Stocks Are Getting "Slaughtered" | Zero Hedge
Charles Huge Smith writes about bubble dynamics. Good article.
Here is one graph,
Keep in mind that the stock market is distorted by foreign capital inflows.
oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: The Inevitable Bursting of Our Bubble Economy

Armstrong, Can governments prevent a major debt crisis?
"ANSWER: In building the model, I assembled data on everything I could find and then put it all together to see how and what made the world tick. I investigated tax rates to see how civilizations operated. I investigated what types of governments worked best and what always collapsed into oligarchies, then tyrannical entities, before collapsing into dust."

"The Romans generally had a 7% tax. They also had welfare. The difference was that they had NO central bank and NO national debt.
The problem we face is that it would have been far less inflationary to print the money than borrow it.

The Central banks claim that it is less inflationary to BORROW money rather than printing it.
Monetarism: Printing Money To Curb Inflation - Investopedia
Why Not Just Print More Money? | The New Yorker
Why Can't the Government Just Print More Money to Get Out of debt?

Armstrong, "We have a debt crisis that cannot be paid and the accumulative interest expenditures rose to reach at times even 70% of the national debt. Now that they have discovered NEGATIVE interest rates, they think they discovered a new way to tax people indirectly. They think we are too stupid to realize this is even a tax.

But fear not. We are heading into a Monetary Crisis of untold proportions. If the governments do not listen, they will create the biggest civil unrest in all of history."
One way or another, Trump must wrest control of money origination AWAY from the CBs. The bankers are juct one big club. All origination starts at the CB and passes through the banks FIRST. UBI would channel the money to the consumer instead of the speculator..

"This is the collapse of socialism, for they have promised everything, funded nothing, and cannot keep raising taxes without causing the economy to collapse. This will undermine their entire tax system.

There are ways to deal with this crisis if we have the courage to first admit that we have a crisis. That is step one."
The CBs have distorted everything. MUCH of this has been done at the behest of government.

What is needed is; a very large number of people must be made aware of the CB ripoff AND, the necessity of UBI.
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