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now it's the time to show what the ETBC CAN DO FOR US ? the following drawing show a half ETBC the connection from A to C , this coil is nothing than a Tesla flat coil :

the magic is the freedom liberty degree where the electron can shift so the north pole find a south pole not like our ordinary Lenz's confined system where the north oppose the north !!!!

here you are the evidence from Don smith resonance energy crafting 1994 !

he show the magnetic inductance in his system to oppose Len's law !! no repulsion but attraction !! when we added a magnetic material to this phenomena the received ambient energy will be very high because of magnetic field optimization .. few turn can lead to high inductance due to magnetic material , in this case negative resistance will be enhanced ..

the easy way to extract energy is to introduce a third coil tuned to that frequency , maybe we can use a kind of bucking coil ..

NB : anyone read this info please share it to other place and ask your question to expand the discussion

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