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Not sure this next post of mine is entirely in line with the previous posts, but to some extent it can be associated with the above since the evident objectives of the breakaway civilization is directly tied to the goal of immortality, and thereby the aforementioned is somewhat related.

This is the video link to listen to.
#SAFEHOME: Dorian, ABACO, Epstein, Ghislaine, TerraMar #HARPA
You Are Free TV
Published on Sep 5, 2019

9/5: While Hurricane Dorian hits North Carolina, did DEAD SHOT hit Abaco intentionally as a China submarine Port? Is there a relation to New Atlantis, Epstein & a break-away civ? Meanwhile, HARPA is pushed forward from the Pentagon to normalize digital red flag surveillance.

In a way the above video is aimed at exposing the lies and to tie the lies to a wider agenda which include aliens and Ufo's because UFO's are simply disguised and officially denied technology which is now, and has been used for a very long time to steal, abduct, rape, and murder under the guise of supposed aliens from space.

We don't have evidence for aliens. We have evidence for advanced technology. There is a significant difference between covert hidden technology and an enabling lie that is being used for a criminal enterprise.

The aware observer will have noted how the quote "alien UFO's" enjoy water a whole lot. Secondly, the aware will note that there is signature marker in many missing, abducted later found dead, placed in water or on rocks in or at the the edges of water such as streams or creeks.

There seems to be a direct link (my opinion) to this technology and the pedophile cult. Even more disquieting are the implied connecting dots to this antigravitational technology and the elites and the evident on-going uses that these machines are being used for in conjunction with other deep hidden worlds. Mostly ones under the sea's based off the available known information.

A MASSIVE circular structure has been spotted slowly crawling across the Pacific sea floor 3000 feet below the surface. PUBLISHED: 06:07, Sun, Mar 12, 2017

UFO researcher claims there's an underwater alien base under the Great Lakes

Numerous unexplained murders, most of which can only be explained with the use of very advance technology, possibly to include tractor beams and cloaking technology.

"Missing 411: The Hunted": David Paulides discusses bizarre disappearances of hunters. Mon, 26 Aug 2019

Missing 411: How 1,600 people went missing from public lands without a trace. Mon, 13 Mar 2017

THOUSANDS Are Vanishing Off The Face Of The Earth | Major Update
EXCLUSIVE Interview With David Paulides Of The Missing 411

There is just ton's more on these abductions out there to find.
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