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Rethinking globalism and capitalism

Globalization Is the Only Answer - World Bank Group It works for the banks.
The Threat of Globalization - Global Policy Forum
Globalisation: the rise and fall of an idea that swept the world The Guardian
Globalization benefited just 6 countries.

Globalization was one of those ideas that sounded good on paper. It is just too exclusionary. It left too many people out.
Don't Reverse Globalization. Refine It. - The Globalist
Trump and the reversal of globalization - Daily Sabah
Globalization a trend that cannot be reversed - Opinion ...www.chinadaily
It worked for China up until the point that it starved it's customers..

Why they're wrong - Anti-globalists - The Economist Yes, the mouthpiece of the self-appointed elites.
That Noise You Hear Is the Sound of Globalization Going Into reverse https://www.wsj. Ah, Wall Street Journal
Globalisation is changing, not going into reverse | Financial Times Another elite mouthpiece.
Globalism is too exclusionary.

What about capitalism? Here is an article about capitalism in crisis.

Naturally, it is full of lies. Nobody wants to blame crony capitalism.
'Skeptics dismissed that as “virtue-signaling” to mollify the anti-business left. But what if the Roundtable signaled a broader turning point, toward reordering America’s relationship with the free market itself?

Early 21st century discord in the U.S., Britain and elsewhere points toward that possibility. And “The Economists’ Hour,” a compelling new book by New York Times journalist Binyamin Appelbaum, helps explain how we got here."
"Appelbaum traces the rising influence of economists, and the values their discipline embodies, in government decision-making since World War II. Milton Friedman, along with John Maynard Keynes the most influential among them, ushered in the concept of shareholder capitalism in 1970."
Shareholder capitalism Appeared just as we were forced to abandon the gold standard in 1971. Inflate the snot out of everything except wages and, it will be great for the markets.

"Soviet communism collapsed, and living standards rose in the developing world. Yet rising integration with the global economy didn’t halt the long-term slowdown in U.S. growth."
Triffin's dilemma meant that foreign producers were forced to undercut American prices to earn dollars,,, if they wanted to have any reserves. All reserves were U.S. dollars and, there was only one way to get them.
"He adds: “But the market revolution went too far. In the United States and in other developed nations, it has come at the expense of economic equality, of the health of liberal democracy and of future generations.”

In impressive detail, Appelbaum catalogs the ways that revolution reached beyond conventional economic policy. "
Make that economic slavery created by banker originated inflation.
"America deregulated airlines and Wall Street in the name of enhancing choice and competing internationally. It loosened antitrust enforcement"
Yes, remove all moral hazard for the bankers,,, good idea.

"These efforts aimed to limit distortions imposed by political choices in the belief that efficient markets produce better outcomes for society as a whole. Politicians could use government to help market casualties later.
As it happened, casualties outpaced attempts to assist, and government investments in sources of future prosperity shrank."
NOT true, the TARP money created a lot of prosperity for the bankers

"Trump’s 2020 Democratic opponents promise tax, spending and regulatory interventions to lift the working class at the expense of corporations and the rich. Corporate leaders themselves, as the Roundtable made clear, recognize something has to change.

“Capitalism basically is not working for the majority of people,” as billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio puts it. “That’s just the reality.”"
Sure, right,, blame capitalism for the sins of crony capitalism.
“Markets are constructed by people, for purposes chosen by people,” Appelbaum concludes. “And they can be changed and rebuilt by people.”
Markets are constructed by parasites and criminals.

Reportedly America has much more debt than generally recognised.
Here is a good article on the blow-off phase of the debt bubble. Here is one interesting point,,, of many.
"A recent week of corporate bond issuance was “the biggest weekly volume to hit global markets on record,” according to Dealogic. US investment-grade companies raised $72 billion across 45 deals, equaling the total issued in all of August.

Numerous companies issued 30-year bonds with yields below 3%, which used to be the province of safe haven governments. Even Apple, which is sitting on an epic pile of cash, borrowed money. "

9/10 Subprime auto lender verified income on only 3% of loans in latest bond – ZH
Is EVERYBODY expecting a bailout in the collapse?
9/10 Deficit surpasses $1 trillion: CBO – The Hill
Really?? I hadn't noticed.
9/10 Trump fires chickenhawk adviser John Bolton – CNN
That is the best news in ages.
The Trump effect.
9/10 Big Tech backlash kicks into gear with antitrust moves – AFP
9/10 Devin Nunes accuses Fusion GPS of “racketeering” in new lawsuit – RCP

9/10 Japan may have to dump radioactive water into the sea, minister says – Reuters
This is SO stupid. Read Eagle Research. The water can be reduced to HHO gas and burned. According to George, vaporization with burning HHO gas removes radioactivity. I haven't tested this my self. HHO gas is SO strange, I wouldn't be surprised if the claim was true.
9/10 Tesla researcher makes million-mile battery cell breakthrough – Teslarati
Fascinating article about the impact that created the K/T boundary.
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